Mum shares ‘mind-blowing’ hack for catching flies that’s quick and easy

With the days getting longer and hotter, the flies will soon return and will be invading homes up and down the country – and with this tip, you’ll know exactly what to do with them

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TikTok user shares simple trick for catching houseflies

Getting a fly out of the house can be a nightmare – we’ve all been there, you’re trying to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet but then you hear a buzzing sound you can’t ignore.

With the days getting longer and hotter, soon the flies will return and once again you’ll be reaching for that fly swatter to get rid of them – but maybe you don’t need to.

One mum has taken to TikTok to share a hack for getting rid of the annoying flies and has left her fans ‘mind blown’ in the process.

She said that all you need is a piece of kitchen paper and a little patience because flies can’t see the colour white and all you have to do is approach slowly and grab it.

She said all you need is a piece of kitchen paper



She said all you do is approach slowly and grab it, nice and easy



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The mum, who uploads as @_thesilvafamily, said: “All you need to do is palm a white paper towel and slowly approach the fly and grab it. Try it out for yourself!”

Soon her video had over three million views and many fans flocked to the comments to share their opinion on the trick.

One said: “Oh my God! You mean to tell me I’ve been wasting my time striking out around the house?”

Then a second wrote: “So why the hell they made fly swatters red, yellow, orange, or pink?”

And a third user added: “I think I’d do more damage to myself grabbing the fly.”

“Mind blown,” wrote a fourth user.

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Sidney’s video soon went viral and had over nine million views, alongside a slew of comments from people who praised him for the new knowledge.

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