Mum revives stale bread using a tap and an oven – and it works with scones too

A mum from Australia has shared her top trick to bring a stale loaf of bread back to life and make it “good as new” – and people have said it can work for other baked goods, too

Katie Lolas
Katie Lolas has a top trick to make sure your stale bread doesn’t go to waste

There are few better ways to start off the weekend than buying a fresh loaf of crusty bread on a Saturday morning.

Whether we slather it in butter or top it with a fried egg, it’s a real treat to sink your teeth into a light, comforting slice of toast.

We love bread in the UK, with estimates suggesting 11 million loaves are sold every single day and 99.8% of UK households regularly buying the item.

So there’s nothing more frustrating than going back to that lovely crusty loaf for round two on a Sunday morning and finding that it has actually gone a little bit stale.

In a cost of living crisis it’s important we don’t let food go to waste, and there are plenty of uses for a bit of stale bread – including popping it in the frying pan and turning it into croutons.

Katie shared her tip in a video posted to Instagram



All you need to make it work is a tap and an oven



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But for those of us who just want another slice of toast laden with butter, one mum seems to have the perfect solution to revive the loaf entirely.

Katie Lolas, who is based in Australia, took to Instagram to share her genius hack which returns your loaf to the good-as-new stage when you first bought it.

Posting a video on how to do it, she first gave a disclaimer that if your loaf is covered in mould, this trick isn’t going to work. It’s best to throw it into the compost and move on.

But if the bread is simply a bit stale and dry, Katie reckons this trick is fool proof.

The first step is to douse the loaf in water, making sure the crust is completely covered.

Meanwhile, make sure the oven is set to about 160 degrees.

Once the bread has been drenched, stick it in the oven for between six and seven minutes.

After demonstrating the trick herself, Katie pulled the loaf out of the oven to show the finished result.

Cutting it down the middle and giving it a squeeze, Katie showed the loaf had become crusty on the outside once more, but it was nice and light in the middle.

The clever hack works when the water on the crust turns into a steam, which the rehydrates the crust. Then the heat of the oven firms it up once more.

After Katie posted her hack on social media, people were shocked that something so simple could revive a loaf of bread.

One person wrote: “Looks fantastic.”

Another said: “This also works with scones.”

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