Mum livid as mother-in-law steals ‘cute milestone’ by giving baby first ice cream

A mum is furious after she missed her baby’s ‘cute milestone’ when her mother-in-law gave the tot her first ice cream while babysitting and ‘took the moment away’

Young mother and her daughters eating ice cream outdoors
The mum was furious her mother-in-law had given her baby ice cream (stock photo)

As a new parent, it’s natural to feel the need to be there to witness every one of your child’s milestones – from their first steps to their first words.

But what if something happens for the first time while you’re not looking after your baby?

Sometimes, with things like your baby standing up by themselves for the first time, it’s unfortunately unavoidable as you can’t control when it happens – but others, such as certain food items, you can always make sure you’re around to see the look on your tot’s face when they try it for the first time.

One mum online has been left furious though, after her mother-in-law decided not to wait before introducing a “special” food to her nine-month-old granddaughter for the first time while she was babysitting.

The mum was upset she missed the ‘cute milestone’ (stock photo)


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Posting on Mumsnet, the mum said she was “livid” when she discovered her daughter had been given ice cream for the first time without her, as it meant she completely missed out on seeing the “cute milestone” for herself.

She said: “Please let me preface this post by acknowledging that my in-laws look after our baby once a week and I’m hugely grateful to them for this. They were desperate to be grandparents (this is their first grandchild) so the arrangement suits us both as they get time with the baby and I get time to catch up on laundry and cleaning while I’m still on maternity leave.

“Today my mother-in-law gave our baby her first taste of ice cream (my daughter is 9 months).

“I’m not so bothered about the sweet aspect (although we’re not giving her sweets or juice just yet) but I feel upset that we didn’t get to give her her first ice cream. I feel like this is a cute milestone moment for a baby and instead of being there, I had my mother-in-law describing to me how my daughter reacted to the taste.

“Previously she has also tried baby-led weaning with my baby just one day after we started weaning her, which I was livid about, so we’ve already spoken to her and asked her not to give her new foods without checking in first.”

The mum believes her mother-in-law “took the moment away” from her, and while she isn’t planning on saying anything to her about the situation, she does feel “annoyed and upset” by it.

She added: “I don’t mind my mother-in-law giving ‘normal’ foods, but I do feel like something like baby’s first ice cream is a bit special and I feel annoyed and upset that she took this moment away unnecessarily.

“I don’t think I’m going to say anything about it as I don’t want to appear ungrateful so I guess I’m just venting, feel free to tell me I’m being unreasonable!”

But commenters on the post were not on her side, as many of them reasoned that there are always going to be certain milestones that you miss as a parent.

One said: “If she’s spending one whole day every week with her grandparents then there are going to be more things like this. It’s inevitable. I’d try and relax about it all. You can’t control everything that they do with her.

“Maybe try a different ‘nice’ food with baby today? So you get that special feeling of seeing her try something for the first time.”

While another wrote: “Did they know it was her first? Something similar happened with my mum but she thought/assumed we had already done it. I was a bit gutted but there are so many other firsts in a child’s life I couldn’t get too wound up about it.”

“To put this in perspective,” a third posted, “I understand that you are sad to miss this particular first, but there will be thousands of other firsts that you get to watch, and her grandparents will miss. Let them have this one.”

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