Mum left ‘crying her eyes out and seriously mourning’ son’s new haircut

The devastated mum shared her feelings on her young son’s new haircut, which prompted some sympathetic responses from fellow parents who understood what she was going through

boy squinting while having haircut
The mum was left ‘crying her eyes out’ (stock image)

Sporting a dodgy haircut is a rite of passage – with many of us having suffered a pudding-bowl cut or dodgy fringe as a child.

It’s practically tradition for photos of these wonky haircuts to come out when you visit the family home with a partner as an adult.

One mum was left feeling rather upset over her son’s new haircut – even though there wasn’t anything technically wrong with it.

On Mumsnet, she asked for advice after her six-year-old son came home with a slightly shorter barnet than expected.

She wrote: “I am seriously mourning my son’s haircut. I asked for a few weeks off the length and they’ve cut off about 3 months’ worth. It’s so much shorter and I’ve been crying my eyes out.

The mum asked for advice (stock image)



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“I know that may not sound like a lot but it is. He looks like a different boy. I’ve been awake all night and feel sick about it.”

People were divided, with many advising the mum to wait just a few weeks to see how it would return to its previous length.

One person wrote: “Mmmm that’s quite an extreme reaction. It’ll grow back!” while another added: “It’s hair, just hair! Hair grows for goodness sake. Using time as a measurement for hair length is quite unusual though. Quirky!”

A third advised: “When he is 13+ he will have all sorts of silky haircuts and you won’t really be able to stop him. Plus he will look very different during/after puberty.

“Get used to his appearance changing now would be my advice. They don’t and can’t stay adorable, chubby, cute little boys forever, unfortunately, and not much beyond 7/8 anyway.”

Another asked: “Who asks for a haircut in weeks?????? Surely its cm or inches.”

One commenter joked: “You’re very lucky you don’t have anything else to worry about. I dread to think how you’re going to overreact with the shit that’ll happen as he grows up.”

Responding to the mixed comments, the mum admitted that she knew her reaction was “irrational.”

One thoughtful mum asked: “I bet it’s making him look more grown-up and you feel like you lost a lot of babyhood with that cut?”

To which the original poster agreed – adding “I’m certain this is what it is!”

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