Mum furious as ‘ignorant’ neighbours ruin ‘blissfully quiet’ street with noise

A mum has been left furious after her ‘blissfully quiet’ neighbourhood was taken over by a noisy family – but her complaints have divided opinion among people online

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The mum is furious with her new neighbours’ excessive noise (stock photo)

With the Easter weekend bringing gorgeous sunny weather with it, many of us will have spent the last few days in our gardens and other outdoor spaces.

But one woman on Mumsnet has claimed she was unable to enjoy her weekend in the sunshine thanks to her new neighbours, who often “treat their garden like a living room” and make it impossible for anyone else to use their own gardens without being subjected to their noise.

The mum said her rural neighbourhood has been “blissfully quiet” for two decades, but the arrival of the new family has ruined the peace and quiet she has relished for so long.

In her post, she complained: “I realise this could be entitlement or snobbery, hence why I’m looking for a genuine perspective on whether I’m being unreasonable.

The rural neighbourhood used to be ‘blissfully quiet’ (stock photo)


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“We live in a quiet, semi-rural steading conversion, so a smallish cluster of houses in converted farm buildings. We’ve lived here for 20+ years, and it has always been blissfully quiet.

“Two years ago, the last working farm building was sold off to someone who converted it, and now they live there – young family in their late 20s with toddlers (we are in our 40s with teenagers).

“The problem is, they are so very loud.

“Their conversion forms a courtyard, and they just treat the courtyard as another room of the house. They usually have double doors open, TV or music on, shouting from one side to the other.

“It carries right through the area. There is no getting away from it, even going for a walk in the previously quiet fields.

“We have had some respite in the winter when it was cold, but they are back to normal today and I just know it will be like this until autumn.

“Do we just need to suck it up and accept that we have been lucky until now?”

The woman’s post sparked debate with other Mumsnet users – with some insisting the family aren’t doing anything wrong by using their property however they see fit.

One person said: “It sucks and I genuinely sympathise but sadly, you’re being unreasonable. This is purely because it’s their property and they can use it how they feel. You’d be equally annoyed if they told you how you could or couldn’t behave on your own land.”

As another added: “They aren’t doing anything wrong, they are living on their property.”

While a third sarcastically wrote: “You should definitely ask them to stop using their own property, how absolutely vile of them.”

Others agreed that noisy neighbours can be a nuisance, but many conceded there’s nothing much that can be done about it unless the mum is willing to move house to another quiet location.

Someone posted: “You’re not being unreasonable for being annoyed, but there’s nothing you can do except move.”

“Of course you’re not being unreasonable”, another agreed, “there are ways to use your garden without making a racket every time the weather is decent. I feel for you.”

And someone else said: “You’re not being unreasonable but you won’t get anywhere with ignorant idiots like them. Just hope they move soon.”

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