Mum claims she was ‘physically sick’ after finding a worm in her KFC drink

Janine Shaw, 40, ordered a children’s meal at her local KFC when she found a worm as she took a glug from her drink, leaving her “sickened” and vowing to never to return

The furious diner found a small bug in her drink
The furious diner found a small bug in her drink

A mum has vowed to never step foot in a KFC restaurant ever again after finding a “sickening” worm swimming in a drink.

Janine Shaw had visited the fast food favourite in Newport for a lunchtime treat.

After eating her chicken she took a gulp from her Pepsi, but when she checked inside she saw an unwelcome creepy crawly.

Janine, 40, says the incident has “turned her off” from fast food.

She said: “I don’t think I will ever be able to drink a drink from a fast food restaurant again

“I’m not a regular visitor to be honest, but I have been there on numerous occasions. It has really turned me off all fast food in general.

Janine Shaw was furious when she found the little bug in her drink


Janine Shaw / Media Wales)

“It made me physically sick, but I think that was just the thought of what I had ingested to be honest.

“I had already drunk some of it before I saw it in the cup. It definitely looked like a worm or some sort of bug. The drinks machine must have been dirty.

“If I hadn’t taken the lid off then I would never have seen it, and would have just drank the Pepsi. It’s only because the lid did not have a hole for the straw that I even took it off.”

She had earlier written on Facebook to share her experience.

She wrote: “Feel sick even writing this. KFC Spytty Newport I visited this lunchtime, went through the drive through and I had a children’s chicken fillet meal, with Pepsi.

Janine says she will never eat in a KFC again after the sickening find


Janine Shaw / Media Wales)

“All was fine with the food, the lid on the drink didn’t have a hole for the straw so I had to take it off. I started drinking my drink and saw something on the edge of the cup, looking closer it was a tiny worm! The texture, shape and head was clearly visible!

“It definitely wasn’t something from the pipes etc. I feel physically sick, I wouldn’t have even noticed this if I hadn’t had to take the top off, and the small amount I drank I don’t know if there was more in that.

“Also this was meant to be a children’s meal and I’m sure a child wouldn’t have stopped to look!

“I have made a complaint to KFC, last time I’m visiting but be aware of their cleanliness!”

A spokesman for the fast food chain said: “We’re really sorry Janine was put off her meal – that’s the last thing we want.

“We have very strict hygiene and quality processes at our restaurants and the EHO has confirmed all our procedures were in order.

“We’ve not had any similar complaints but we never want to leave a guest disappointed, so we’ve reached out to her to make things right.”

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