Mum at wits’ end over neighbour’s noisy teens who ‘blast music’ for 12 hours a day

A mum has been left furious after her neighbour’s two teenagers began playing loud music for 12 hours a day while home from school – distracting her from her work

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The mum has been left furious by the noise (stock photo)

If you’re still working from home, you’ll know how irritating outside noises can be – from neighbours completing DIY projects to dogs barking, and even the noise of the bin men coming to empty your wheelie bin.

But one mum has been left particularly outraged after her neighbour’s two teenagers began “blasting” music from their house every single day for 12 hours at a time, meaning she can’t get any work done.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman explained the teens are currently both home from school on study leave as they prepare for their end of year exams, but rather than revising, they’ve been spending their time in their “snug” at the end of their garden with their friends.

The music is blasted from 11 am until 11 pm (stock photo)


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The mum insists they play loud dance music from 11 am until 11 pm every day, which means that she can’t get any peace and quiet while she’s trying to work from home – and also can’t open any windows for some fresh air, as this will only make the noise worse.

She said: “My neighbour has two teenage children. One sitting A-level and one GCSEs, which means they’re on study leave apart from exams.

“They have a kind of teenage snug at the end of their garden – a glorified shed really with lights and speakers. This means that from 11 am every day they are blasting (bad) dance music till 11 pm at night.

“The nighttime I can cope with, but I work from home, and the only place I can work is the dining room – which is their side of the house. I am really struggling with working and having meetings with incessant music and the screeching of teens.”

The mum said she’s tried talking to her neighbour about the noise but has had no luck, and she now believes she’ll have “three months” of noise to look forward to, as she’s sure the teens will continue to play music once their exams are over and the summer holidays begin.

She added: “I mentioned it to the neighbour who rolled her eyes and said to just ignore it.

“I’ve got 3 months of this ahead of me! I don’t have an office I can work from to escape it. And soon I will want the window open too. How can I explain that this is an issue and that EVERY SINGLE DAY and constant music isn’t really acceptable?”

Commenters encouraged the woman to try talking to her neighbour again before approaching her local council with a noise complaint, but many sympathised with her that the noise must be tough to cope with.

One person said: “You have to tell your neighbour straight that it stops right now. There is nothing worse than loud music and you have to work!”

While another added: “Complain to your council. Take the recordings and just keep complaining to the council.”

And a third wrote: “Tell them you’ll report them to the council unless they turn it down, councils will investigate noise nuisance at any time of the day and most will first send a letter.”

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