Mother charged after three-year-old dies during exorcism

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A three-year old girl in California died from asphyxiation after having an exorcism performed on her by her pastor grandfather, according to reports.

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Her mother, Claudia Hernandez, was charged after the death of Arely Naomi Proctor in September.

Hernandez’s father, Rene Huezo, was not charged.

Hernandez allegedly held her daughter’s neck, while she was being held down by the child’s uncle and the grandfather performed the exorcism, according to reports.

They told police they were trying to rid the girl’s body of ‘evil spirits’, according to The Mercury News. 

Hernandez allegedly told police she thought her child was possessed because she “would wake up and scream or cry periodically,” KTVU reported, citing court documents.

The Santa Clara County coroner’s office ruled Arely’s death a homicide but details of her death have never been made public until now, following the arrest of Hernandez, 25.

She is charged with assault causing death.

Hernandez allegedly had the gall to post about her child’s death on social media and even recorded a YouTube video.

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