Men slammed for saying women in relationships shouldn’t use Instagram as it’s ‘cheating’

A pair of podcast hosts have come under fire after asserting that women in committed relationships shouldn’t have Instagram as they believe is “100% cheating” – although they say it’s fine for men

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Men claim women in relationships shouldn’t have Instagram

The hosts of the podcast Fresh & Fit have been accused of sexism after boldly claiming that women in serious relationships shouldn’t have Instagram.

During a recent episode of their show, co-hosts Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes stated that a woman having Instagram is equivalent to her “cheating” on her partner.

However, the podcasters don’t think this same rule should apply to men and believe that men in relationships should still be able to post whatever they like online.

In a clip that some social media users just cannot believe is real, Gaines asserted that “for women, attention is like sex for men”.

The hosts believe that men in relationships should still have Instagram, but women shouldn’t


Kyle and Jackie O/Youtube)

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Gaines continued: “I think if you’re in a serious relationship with a girl, she should not have an Instagram – that’s cheating.

“In my opinion, I think a woman having an Instagram is 100 per cent cheating, especially if she has scantily clad photos of herself on the internet and she’s not making money off it, which a lot of women tend to do.

“If you have Instagram just for attention, you know what I’m saying? And I think for women, attention is like sex for men.

“So, you know, women love attention from the opposite gender and if you’ve got a serious relationship with a girl and she still has a ‘for sale’ sign on her neck, I think that’s very disrespectful.”

The US-based duo has since appeared on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, where they were slammed for their remarks.

The pair have been slammed for their remarks


Kyle and Jackie O/Youtube)

During their appearance on the breakfast show, co-presenter Jackie ‘O’ Henderson blasted their remarks as “misogynistic and egotistical”.

Hitting back, Gaines said: “I’m explaining to you how men view relationships.

“You might not like it, it might hurt your feelings, you might say I’m not a piece of property or whatever. But with all due respect, f*** your feelings”.

Henderson replied: ‘”You don’t own us in a relationship, so we can post what we want! If you have an insecurity with that, that’s on you.

“I don’t care about your feelings either. You are actually misogynistic and egotistical, and it’s kind of concerning the way you view relationships like you have ownerships of women.”

The heated conversation continued to escalate, with co-presenter Kyle Sandilands eventually hanging up on the pair, who he deemed as “misogynist toads”.

The Mirror has contacted the hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcast for comment.

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