McDonald’s under fire from outraged customers over ‘misleading’ name of new burger

McDonald’s has added six new items to their menu this week, including the return of the McSpicy – their hottest burger to date – but not everyone was impressed with the heat

McSpicy burger
McDonald’s fans are divided over the McSpicy

McDonald’s fans flocked to branches around the UK yesterday following the return of the McSpicy burger.

The burger, which costs a steep £4.79 on its own, was previously launched in a limited-edition run and will be around for just six weeks this time, leaving the menu on June 7.

However, the new addition, which is described as having a ‘spicy’ chicken breast fillet topped with lettuce and mayo, has already drawn plenty of criticism and left some fast-food fans feeling underwhelmed.

As first reported by Manchester Evening News, fans were quick to head to social media to vent, with one customer saying: “McSpicy? More like McLame. I’ve had hotter ice creams.”

Some think the burger’s name is ‘misleading’

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Another posted on Twitter: “Mcspicy, more like McMild”.

A third wrote: “Change the sauce, make it something hot or it’s not worth being in the menu as a McSpicy.”

Another scathing review, read: “The McSpicy ?? You could give that to a kid in their happy meal and still think it’s just a chicken burger. If you’re going have a McSpicy maybe actually add some spice @McDonaldsUK”.

Others, who found the spice levels just right, begged McDonald’s to keep the new addition on its menu this time.

A different user begged: “Please keep the McSpicy. I’m not sure what I’ll live on when they go off sale again! Any news on McRib?”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We know that spice is subjective – customers with mouths of steel might think it only has a little kick, whilst others might be clamouring for a glass of milk.

“We’re confident regardless of your spice tolerance levels, the McSpicy is a delicious addition to the menu which customers love, and encourage everyone to join the #McSpicyDebate.”

If you’ve been left feeling disappointed by the burger, don’t fret as McDonald’s has added a plenty of other additions to its menu.

Another burger returning to stores is the Grand Big Mac, which features the same ingredients as the regular big mac but is just larger in size.

You can also get the Grand Big Mac with Bacon, which will set you back £6.69 for a medium meal with a side and drink.

And, if you’re worried you’ll still feel peckish after devouring your meal, there’s a new side in the form of Cheesy Garlic Bites.

Did you like the McSpicy? Let us know in the comments below.

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