McDonald’s fans perplexed as to why they don’t offer mayonnaise as it’s ‘top tier’ sauce

McDonald’s includes mayonnaise in some of its recipes, like the Mayo Chicken – but if you want additional mayo to dip your chips in, you might find it tricky to get

A McDonald's employee prepares an order
McDonald’s has a range of dips with its food (stock photo)

One of life’s many mysteries is why McDonald’s offers practically every dip under the sun, with many on tap…except for mayo.

The sauce tastes amazing, goes well with most fast foods, yet despite it featuring in a number of McDonald’s menu items, it cannot be given or bought separately.

The chain has finally revealed why its UK branches don’t offer the tasty dip – apparently the ‘demand’ isn’t great enough, but we’d seriously have to disagree.

A McDonald’s spokesperson previously told Cosmopolitan magazine: “What we offer in our restaurants is based on customer demand.

“We don’t currently have any plans for mayonnaise to be made available.”

Mayo is a delicious dip – but Maccies don’t provide it


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Yikes…well, that’s us told then. We’ll have to keep providing our own mayo for our nugs then.

It’s a bit bizarre though, considering they offer a sour cream and chive dip with their chicken selects. Just give the people what they want, Maccies!

So many others are not happy with the explanation from McDonald’s and have taken to Reddit to express their disappointment that McD’s still don’t offer mayo.

The original poster wrote: “Why does McDonald’s not serve mayonnaise? What’s up with that. No Mayo but they’ll serve sour cream?”

Other disgruntled mayo lovers hopped on the thread to give their opinion on the lack of emulsion available.

One wrote: “Mayo is top tier sauce.”

Someone else suggested writing to the CEO of McDonald’s to make them aware that we really do want the missing piece of the sauce jigsaw.

One ex-McDonald’s worker said: “During my stint as a McWorker, I distinctly remember being told it was simply because it had a shorter shelf life.

“That was clearly not true, as sachets of Mayo are readily available in other places.

Others are mentioning the demand, but again I remember a good portion of customers actually kicking off that we didn’t have any Mayo – it’s a mystery to me.”

Some people suggested it may be because of the temperature mayo needs to be stored at, opening a can of worms on the post about whether mayo needs to go in the fridge or not.

They said: “This is probably the main reason; all of their other sauces/dips/etc. can probably be stored outside of a fridge. Mayo needs to be kept cold which would mean another fridge and increased overheads which isn’t going to be worth it for something only a handful of people are going to want.”

Other Redditors commented not so handy advice for those who are wanting mayo with their order, saying: “Just order a mayo chicken without the chicken, bun or lettuce.”

That doesn’t sound like a very Happy Meal to us…

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