MasterChef viewers in stitches as ‘disappointing’ contestant can’t boil an egg

MasterChef contestant Nazya wanted to dazzle Greg Wallace and John Torode with her cooking skills, but something went awry when she was boiling an egg – leaving viewers in stitches.

MasterChef contestant Nazya
Nazya couldn’t get an egg to her liking while cooking on the show

Masterchef viewers were left in stitches as a contestant couldn’t boil an egg – and described her own cooking as ‘disappointing’.

Nazya, 42, took part in the BBC’s competitive cooking reality show and wanted to serve up a traditional Pakistani meal, Shikampur kofta curry.

As a side for judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode, she dished up ‘boiled eggs in a pickled salad’, but something went terribly wrong when she was cooking.

The eggs were runny, but when served in this kind of dish they are supposed to be firm, and viewers took to social media to comment on the unfortunate incident.

She was aiming for a hard-boiled egg



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The NHS medical adviser appeared on the show on Tuesday, April 5, and Nazya realised something was off when she was cooking.

She said: “Please? Too soft. If I cut it open it will run. It shouldn’t be runny when serving it with a curry.

“It’s disappointing but it doesn’t mean the taste won’t be great.”

Soon viewers took to Twitter to share their opinion.

One said: “Sorry? She couldn’t boil the egg right?”

And another tweeted: “So you are on Masterchef and literally cannot boil an egg.”

Then a third wrote: “What? You can’t cook a hard-boiled egg? Home time!”

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