Man’s fury as delivery driver drops his pizza in a puddle after tip disagreement

A man has been left furious after his delivery driver purposefully dropped his pizza in a puddle during a row over tipping – forcing him to place a second order

Man delivers pizza to customer
The delivery driver purposefully put the pizza in a puddle (stock photo)

A man has been left livid after he got into a disagreement with his delivery driver over whether or not he should tip her – which resulted in the driver putting his pizza down in a puddle.

In a post on Reddit, the man, who is from the UK, explained he has ordered pizza two days in a row while he’s been busy painting his house and has had his dinner delivered by the same driver both times.

After the first delivery, the delivery driver – whom the man assumed was from the US after hearing her accent – seemed to “stand there waiting” after completing the delivery.

Then, on the second day, the driver chose to put his pizza on the ground instead of handing it to him.

The man ordered a replacement pizza after the driver’s antics (stock photo)


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And while the act itself isn’t unusual because of contactless delivery, the driver had purposefully placed the cardboard box on top of a puddle – soaking the man’s pizza in the process.

In his post, he said: “I’ve been painting my house and ordered pizza two days in a row. On day one, it was delivered without any issues. It was a young girl (who seemed like a university student). She was American (her accent made it quite obvious), and when she handed me the pizza, she just stood there waiting while I said my goodbyes.

“The second time I ordered, it was her again. This time, she made a face when I opened the door and instead of handing me the pizza, she put it on the ground. This would be perfectly fine, contactless delivery is still a thing, but she clearly purposefully placed it in the only puddle that was near my door.

“On her way out, she made a comment (I don’t think I was supposed to hear it) and said ‘that’s for not tipping’.”

The driver’s antics “completely ruined” the man’s pizza, and he immediately called up the restaurant to order a replacement while explaining what had happened.

The man was later told that the driver reportedly lost her job because of the incident, and he now isn’t sure whether he did the right thing by reporting her actions to her boss.

He added: “My pizza was completely ruined as the box got soaked from the bottom. I hated having to do it, but I called the pizza place to get a replacement pizza. I explained the situation and the owner told me that it wasn’t the first time this happened and that he’d deal with it.

“My neighbour told me that apparently she got fired.

“I was telling this story to my friend and she told me I was wrong for complaining because the girl lost her job because of me. I didn’t demand her firing, I didn’t demand reprimand, nothing, I just explained the situation because, ultimately, my pizza was not delivered as it was inedible.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the man’s side, as they noted that while tipping is much more customary in the US where the driver was from, it’s not considered necessary in the UK.

One person wrote: “Tipping is basically mandatory in the US. In the UK, not so much. Girl needs to understand where she lives now.”

While another said: “You didn’t get her fired. She got herself fired for her behaviour. She needs a crash course in the difference in tipping culture between the US and the UK.”

And a third posted: “I am pretty sure that her intentionally and spitefully ruining the food you paid for is what got her fired. As it turns out, employers think badly of people who destroy products just to be a brat.”

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