Man shares how to use car sun visor – turns out we’ve all been using them wrong

Sidney Raz shares tips and tricks with his followers on TikTok and has become social-media famous in the process, and now he’s shared some little-known info about your sun visor

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TikTok user reveals car sun visor’s extend

A driver has shared the ‘right’ way to use the sun visor in your car and it shows that we’ve all been using them wrong.

Sidney Raz is TikTok famous thanks to his videos where he shares things that he wishes he realised sooner, and recently he’s turned his attention to the car.

He discovered that not only do sun visors twist, to protect the driver’s eyes when the sun is not directly in front, but they also extend – providing greater amounts of shade.

Sidney’s video soon went viral and had over nine million views, alongside a slew of comments from people who praised him for the new knowledge.

Sidney has shared the trick with his fans



He was shocked when he learned the trick



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In the clip, Sidney said: “Here’s something I didn’t know until I was in my thirties – sun visors in cars extend!”

He then puts his head in his hands in despair as he pulls the sun visor back.

Soon Sidney’s followers rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the trick.

One said: “How did you not know this?”

And another wrote: “Uhm. I’m 44 and just learned this from this video.”

But soon people began commenting that not all cars had this feature, as one said: “Not all of them. It cost my son £45 to find out his didn’t.”

And another added: “Mine doesn’t, I almost broke it trying to extend it.”

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