Man proposes to woman in busy McDonald’s queue and gets savagely rejected

Footage has emerged which shows the awkward moment a man gets down on one knee in a busy McDonald’s queue, only to be promptly turned down in front of fellow customers

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South Africa: Man rejected after proposing to girlfriend in McDonald’s queue

Planning the perfect proposal is tough – do you go small and intimate or make a big statement?

When you pick correctly, it’s a beautiful moment, but it’s also unforgettable when it goes horribly, horribly wrong.

One man probably won’t forget his romantic gesture any time soon, after he was savagely rejected in the middle of a busy McDonald’s.

It’s fair to say the unnamed woman wasn’t exactly lovin’ it, as she can be seen looking toward an employee in apparent disbelief before turning to the kneeling man and shaking her head at him.

Other customers can be heard cheering encouragingly, trying to get her to say yes. However, she wasn’t having any of it, and things soon became heated.

After exchanging a few less than affectionate words, the woman marched straight out of the branch, to the sound of boos.

The woman was not happy with the proposal


Jam Press Vid/@Madame_Fossette/Zash/TMX)

A number of Twitter users have critiqued the man’s choice of proposal location


Jam Press Vid/@Madame_Fossette/Zash/TMX)

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The footage, which has since clocked up 3.7 million views on Twitter, was reportedly taken at the fast-food giant’s Sandton branch in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After the woman storms out, the rejected man can be seen getting up to fetch his Maccies order from the counter.

He then pops this in his trolly before heading out alone.

The original tweet read: “Witnessed such a sad situation today yoh.”

A number of people responded to the post, with many suggesting that the man’s choice of proposal location could have been a bit more romantic in retrospect.

She left soon after turning him down


Jam Press Vid/@Madame_Fossette/Zash/TMX)

Some were confused after spotting what appeared to be a wedding ring on the man’s finger


Jam Press/@Madame_Fossette/Zash/TMX)

One person shuddered: “If a man proposes to me in a McDonald’s I’d just pass out because no way you thought this was the ideal way to propose to me, no f***in way!” [sic]

Another commented: “He thought to himself, ‘What would be the most romantic proposal?’ McDonald’s line next to a trolley of groceries.” [sic]

Others were left a bit confused after spotting what appeared to be an existing ring on his wedding finger.

One eagle-eyed person remarked: “And why is this man already wearing a wedding band?”

Another wrote: “Wait, is this man trying to take a second wife?… I see a ring.”

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