Man gobsmacked after new boss fires him for asking innocent question about wage

A man took to Reddit to speak candidly about how the boss of his new tutoring job had “changed his mind” about giving him the job after he asked him how often he’d get paid

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A man was left shocked after he claimed he was fired from his new job after angering his boss with an innocent question.

The anonymous man posted a supposed text message exchange with his former boss on Reddit, according to Daily Mail.

The screenshot appeared to show him asking how often he’d get paid which his employer said was “bi-weekly,”

The man, who applied to be a children’s tutor, followed up by asking for the date of his first pay day – but this appeared to cross a line.

“I [change] my mind,” he began, “I would hire someone whose desire is to work with the company.”

His boss was less than impressed



He was fired then and there



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He then told him not to bother coming in for his shift at 3pm that afternoon as they had previously planned.

Baffled, the poster tried to convince his boss that he does want the position and is a qualified candidate, but he simply needs to know when he will be paid.

“[No problem]. You carry on. I am looking for an individual who is willing to work with the flow, with the environment,” the boss continued.

“I am not looking for any candidates whose priority is only pay. [You] didn’t ask me about any other staff, uniform etc.”

The employee told his boss that his priority is educating children but he said he “can’t do that very well if I don’t have money for food, gas, or shelter.”

“I only asked about pay because I was so nervous at the interview that I forgot to and my wife reminded me,” he added.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to lend their support, telling the man that this is probably for the best.

“Well that’s another red flag – the boss can’t even string a sentence together,” one person noted.

“I doubt you would have been paid.”

“Asking about when you should expect to get paid, the payment method and the payment rate are all valid questions before starting a new job. He dodged a bullet,” another user added.

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