Man allegedly tried to put leash on ex-girlfriend during abduction attempt: Cops

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The ex-lover of a woman allegedly wanted her on a leash — literally.

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Colorado realtor Kerry Endsley, 74, has been accused of putting on a fake beard and attempting to kidnap his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint while she was hiking with her current husband, reported the Daily Mail.

Endsley, who had been barred from contacting the woman previously, allegedly pulled a gun, ordered the woman to get on the ground and then put a nylon leash around her neck on June 17 on a trail next to a golf course .

The husband, however, was able to disarm him and another hiker witnessed the confrontation and alerted police.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies found Endsley a short distance away and subdued him with a Taser.

Jenny Fulton, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff, said Endsley, wanted the woman to drop charges against a close family relative which soured their relationship in the first place.

Endsley faces charges, including violating an order of protection, assault, and attempted kidnapping.

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