Lad leaves people in hysterics with very honest excuse for being 7 hours late to work

A man has gone viral on Twitter for his very honest excuse for being seven and a half hours late to his shift at work – that’s almost a full day! – as people shared similar situations of their own

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We’ve all been late for work on one or two occasions – sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Stuff happens, things go wrong, and it can be hard to get out of the house to arrive at work at the time you’re meant to be there.

Some excuses are legitimate, like a delayed or cancelled train, your car doesn’t start, when a babysitter cancels at the last minute, or of course if you or a family member are sick.

And other times, the excuses really are too bizarre to believe.

But one guy who turned up a whole seven and a half hours late to work didn’t bother coming up with any excuse at all, reports Daily Star.

Instead, he told his boss the truth as to why he was so late and admitted he had just ‘slept in’.

He told his boss that he’d ‘slept in’


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His colleague and Twitter user @Deannooo took to the social media app to share the bold move – and has now gone viral.

He shared: “Young laddie I work with has just turned up to the work SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS LATE and said ‘sorry, I slept in’ hahahahahahahahahaha.”

Since being posted, the tweet has racked up almost 17,000 likes and dozens of comments from people in hysterics at his honesty, while many others shared similar situations of their own.

One person commented: “Been there.”

Another user said: “We had one not turn up because ‘he can’t hear his alarm clock and is buying a louder one.'”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Hah no worse than calling in at 3 and saying “I don’t think I’ll make it in today.”

Someone else giggled: “Me being late for night shift cos I slept for 16 hours straight lmao.”

And, this person chuckled: “I once got picked up in the van, fell asleep and was returned home still asleep in the van after the lads had done a four-hour job. Not big or clever but all part of the learning process.”

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