Kentucky woman attacked by snake hanging on her front door

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A Kentucky woman got the shock of her life with what awaited her when she opened her front door: a three-foot snake.

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Mara Jo Thomas and her daughter, Kenley, of Princeton, Ky., arrived home like any other day.

Mara Jo went inside ahead of her daughter and soon her daughter, still outside, “screaming bloody murder” about a snake.

Mara Jo opened the front door and before she knew it, the three-foot snake snapped right above her eye — though she didn’t realize it until she ran back into the house.

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“It bit me before I ever saw it, but I knew instantly that it did bite me,” she told WPSD.

Mara Jo and Kenley rushed to the hospital because she didn’t know if the snake was venomous.

“There is seriously NEVER a dull moment in my life,” the mom of three wrote in a Facebook post. “Today, I got bit by a snake just a little above my eye.”

She detailed, “Kenley was outside and saw it and started screaming bloody murder, so of course I open the door and boom — it got me! Thankfully it wasn’t venomous and it didn’t get my actual eye!”

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