Is having grandchildren a legal requirement? A couple in India think so

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Does lack of grandchildren cause “mental agony?”

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An Indian court is being asked to decide after a retired couple is taking their only son, a married pilot since 2016, to court for $791,800 CAN (or $500,000 pounds) for failure to procreate reports

Sajneev Prasad, 61, and wife Sadhana, 57, filed a petition against son Shrey Sagar, whose marriage to his wife Shubhangi, was arranged and the couple were sent to Thailand for their honeymoon to produce an heir.

The parents say the couple must have a child within a year or pay up.

Sagar was trained in the U.S. courtesy of his parents’ money and returned to India in 2007 due to the recession and has worked as a pilot and lives separately from his working wife.

The parents also gave the couple an Audi worth $99,671.44 CAN or ($63,000 pounds) and paid for five-star wedding reception and have spent $419,480.82 CAD (or $265,000 pounds) since he was born.

They now want the exact same amount back and another $25 million in damages.

“We killed our dreams to raise him,” Sajneev told The National World.

“It is a dream of every parent to become a grandparent. We had been waiting for years to become grandparents. We had been trying to convince our son and his wife but they paid no heed to our demands. We are heartbroken that we will die without seeing [a] grandchild.”

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