Inside ‘world’s loneliest home’ on isolated desert island – with a £260k price tag

The one-bedroom property, which is located on Wohoa Bay in Washington County, Maine, USA, is known as the ‘world’s loneliest home’ as it has no neighbours – unless you count the seals

House on a deserted island
There are no neighbours for miles

If you’re an introvert who loves to have your own space, then we might have found just the perfect place for you to detach from the rest of the world.

The one-bed property is on the market for £260,000 and is nestled on its own deserted island – Wohoa Bay in Washington County, Maine, USA.

Built in 2009, the sweet cottage has no neighbours – unless you count the seals – and boasts uninterrupted 360-degree views of the bay and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean.

The home itself is 50sq m big and sits on Duck Ledges Island, which itself is only 6000sq m.

It’s beautifully crafted from wood


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It sits just metres from the water’s edge which is “loaded with seals” for “constant entertainment” – and no doubt accompanying stench.

There are also sand beaches on both sides of the island and “good anchorage and good landing points at any tide”.

Mooring is included adjacent to the island and just a short boat ride from Jonesport public marina or Addison facility.

It’s very open and airy


However, prospective buyers will have one small price to pay for the peace and quiet.

There is no bathroom in the home at all.

Instead, listing images show a small wooden outhouse a few metres from the main cottage for those who are brave enough to make a midnight run.

“There is no better place to spend the weekend in the world,” the listing states.

The toilet can be found in this outbuilding away from the house


If however, you’re looking for somewhere a little bigger, an impressive 37-acre property might be right up your alley.

With six bedrooms, a barn, goat creamery and dog spa, this is an ideal home for anyone looking to raise their family surrounded by friendly furry animals.

There is also a sauna, home theatre and a gym for when you need to take a break from caring for the animals.

Interested? Take a look at it here.

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