‘I’m exhausted worrying about money all the time – I wish I had rich husband’

An ‘exhausted’ mum took to the internet to vent about financial difficulties and how she wished life were easier, something many will find relatable at this time – but her comments sparked debate

Worried young woman looking a bill
The mum is ‘exhausted’ because of her money worries

A fed-up mum has vented her frustrations over how sick she is of stressing about money all the time – something many will likely find relatable.

She explained how she was frequently having conversations with her family about making cutbacks, but wished she could have more fun.

The anonymous woman branded her post ‘anti-feminist’ as she candidly admitted that she wanted to have a rich husband as it would help make life easier.

Writing in a post on Mumsnet, she said: “I shouldn’t admit this… but I wish I had a rich husband!

“I’m exhausted about worrying about money 24/7. Exhausted feeling I have no time. Wondering if it will ever get better, and how! Exhausted of pretending to everyone there aren’t serious money worries.

The Redditor is fed up of having money worries


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“I would just love to be like my friends and family who don’t have any money worries, have multiple holidays to look forward to, can give their kids amazing education and activities and are planning house renovations because their husbands have become very successful. What a dream! Even just one year of living like this would be bliss.

“I know how anti-feminist this is, I know it’s up to me to be my own rich husband but it’s hard when you also have other responsibilities.

“I just want to dream a bit of a life where we are having conversations about which country to visit, not how we have to cut back even more.”

Some Mumsnet users understood where the woman was coming from and sympathised with her point.

One person said: “I don’t think you are unusual in this! My husband earns enough and I’m very pleased about it. I wouldn’t be with someone just for money, but all else being equal I’d choose rich over poor any day of the week.”

Another wrote: “Me too – and my other half wishes he had a rich wife too.”

“I wish my husband earned more. Life would be much easier,” agreed a third.

Someone else replied: “I’m sure lots of women feel like this! Don’t feel bad!”

However, others had a very different take on it, with some not understanding why anyone would want to rely on another person for financial help.

A different user posted: “I’m a single parent on minimum wage and I never wish I had a rich husband. I would NEVER want to rely on a man for money in any situation. I don’t want a husband anyway so that probably helps!”

While a sixth explained: “I don’t wish for a rich husband but I wish to be rich in my own right. Men are not our saviours.”

The woman’s post clearly prompted good debate. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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