‘I’m a busy mum – the ‘Pile Method’ allows me to clean up when I feel overwhelmed’

A busy mum has explained how she still manages to clear away clutter when she’s feeling “overwhelmed”, all thanks to the handy ‘pile method’ her therapist suggested

Sharon Johnson demonstrating the pile method on TikTok
Sharon swears by the ‘pile method’

Sometimes cleaning up can feel like the most difficult thing in the world when you’re overwhelmed, but there are ways to make such tasks more manageable.

Taking to TikTok, busy mum Sharon Johnson detailed a “brilliant” method taught to her by a former therapist, known as the ‘pile method’.

This handy household hack involves picking up everything that’s been put in the wrong place and piling it up in the centre of the room.

Although at first, the sight of a potentially huge pile may seem daunting, Sharon says it feels “so satisfying” to see it shrinking as everything is put back in its right and proper place.

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In a TikTok video that has proven to be extremely relatable, the mum-of-six explained how she cleans up when she’s feeling overwhelmed.

Sharon, who goes by the username, said: “What you’re going to do is you’re going to get everything in the room that isn’t where it should be and you’re going to put it in a pile in the room.

“And if you’re like me and you have three rooms that are a total disaster and you want to get them done all at once, you’re going to get absolutely everything and put it in one giant pile in the middle of the living room.

“Then you’re going to turn on a TV show or a podcast and you’re going to buckle up.”

She continued: “At first the giant pile of stuff is going to be overwhelming. But it goes by so quick and it is so satisfying to see that pile shrink.”

Sharon learned the method from a former therapist


She found the method to be “so satisfying”


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Once you have your central pile, you then need to make several small piles around the outside – one per room – plus a rubbish bag and a donation pile.

Sharon explained: “And then the big pile just shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. I did three disastrous rooms today in like 20 minutes.

“It limits the amount of choices you have to make, it limits the running around, it limits how distracted you get with other things because you’re just right there. It’s brilliant, it’s the best, and I absolutely love it”.

The method is great for those who get a bit distracted


Many of Sharon’s followers are keen to give it a go


Many of Sharon’s followers have thanked her for sharing her wisdom, declaring they too will be trying it out over the Easter weekend.

One person wrote: “I need this in my life! I get so distracted cleaning my house that nothing gets done!”

Another said: “This is exactly how I do it. I didn’t know it was an actual thing. It’s the only way my brain can process it all!”

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