‘I was mortified after being stopped at Disney and dress coded – but I got a free top’

A woman has shared her embarrassment after she was stopped by the ‘Disney Police’ and ‘dress coded’ over her outfit – being given a voucher to buy a new top to cover up

Felicia at Disney World
Felicia’s video has gone viral

Disney World is known as the ‘happiest place on Earth’ but with all the fun comes some strict rules to follow.

One of these rules revolves around dress code and what you wear to visit the theme park.

Several people have recently gone viral online after claiming they were stopped while entering the Magic Kingdom section of the park and asked to cover up.

Most recently, a young woman from the US, named Felicia, has taken to TikTok to share her experience of being “dress coded” by employees at Disney World.

Posting under the name @fkeys, she filmed a look at her outfit, which had gotten her in ‘trouble’.

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Felicia showed how she’d dressed in a brown crop top, that tied at the front.

She explained that she had been wary of “showing too much skin” so she had worn a denim jacket to cover up a bit more.

However, her outfit had still been deemed inappropriate by employees that she called “the Disney police”.

“Today I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt and I have this jean jacket over it.

“It’s not that bad, not that bad at all but I got stopped when I walked in and I get a free T-shirt.”

She continued: “I’m really embarrassed. I’m literally wearing a jean jacket over the shirt as I didn’t want to show too much skin.

“Got stopped by the Disney police.”

Felicia then showed off a voucher she’d been given for one of the stores at the park, in order to buy a T-shirt to wear instead.

The clip has since been watched over 400,00 times, garnering hundreds of replies.

Later commenting on the clip, Felicia said: “This happened over a month ago but I’m still embarrassed that it happened.

“I had the jacket on and still got stopped because the worker saw the tie and I saw a lot more people wearing tops that showed a lot more skin, so I guess it depends who you go to when you enter the park.”

She added that Disney workers had mixed reactions to her top, with some saying it was “dress coded” over the tie at the front and others thinking it was fine.

In the comments, some people stressed that Disney World visitors had been taking advantage of the dress code rule to claim freebies and warned people not to do it as it could result in being asked to leave in future.

The Mirror has contacted Walt Disney World for comment.

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