‘I visited a palm reader twice to see if predictions matched – it hit close to home’

A writer was drawn to visit a famed Blackpool palm reader “by nothing but intrigue” back in August last year, and returned eight months later to see if things added up

Rebecca Lockwood outside the reading room
One prediction in particular felt very specific

Having never had her palm read before, writer Rebecca Lockwood decided to pay a visit to ‘palmist to the stars’ Leanora Petulengro.

The Blackpool-based palm reader has previously read a number of celebrity palms, including those of Tom Jones, Michael Caine, and two-time world heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury.

Eight months after her first reading, Rebecca returned to Leanora’s reading room for a second session, curious as to whether the psychic predictions would actually match up.

In an article for Lancashire Live, Rebecca recounted her experiences, paying a total of £30 – a full £10 more than what she paid the first time around.

Rebecca was curious as to whether the predictions would match up



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Rebecca wrote: “In my visit last year, my palms said I was having two children, a boy, and a girl, and they would come soon. To my surprise, in my second reading my palms said the same thing.”

Sceptical, Rebecca admitted to having raised “an eyebrow in surprise” at this prediction which she noted was “quite vague”, remarking that she “would love to hear my palms tell me I’m going to have 12 boys. Get more niche, it’s more believable”.

She added: “Last year I was told my children would be ‘coming soon’ which felt a lot like a trailer for a horror film. However, now my palms said I was ‘anxious’ about conceiving despite my future saying the children would be a great comfort to me.

“It’s tiring having such conflicting palms. I was asked what the anxiety was and I said ‘I have no idea, I’m not even planning on having kids right now.’ We quickly moved on.”

Leanora told Rebecca she would have two children – however she found the prediction quite vague



When it came to discussing matters of the heart, Leanora predicted that Rebecca’s current relationship will go “from strength to strength”, telling her that she “will marry once and it will be for life.”

Rebecca hadn’t told Leanora that she was in a relationship, and says she doesn’t know what she did to give this part of her life away.

She continued: “I wasn’t wearing any jewellery that could have given a committed impression, maybe I just have a lovable face.

“Last year, Leanora told me that I would marry my current partner and our marriage would be ‘happy’ and ‘comfortable’. Seems this palm game is matching up.”

Rebecca noticed a couple of things that came up in the second reading that didn’t come up in her first, including the prediction that she was “surrounded by jealousy”.

There were also a few things that felt “weirdly relevant” to Rebecca, who says gave “no information about my life and woes at present at all”.

She said: “I cannot stress enough how little information I told her, I literally just told her my current occupation. My palm reader told me that I need to move away if I want to be happier, which made me feel really weird inside.

“This past week I have struggled with feeling a tad lonely in Lancaster. How did she know that? She didn’t even point out which part of my palms was grassing me in on my pent-up emotions.

“Then she told me I worry too much, which is so true, but I don’t think I needed to have paid £30 to reach that conclusion.”

Rebecca concluded: “Sure, the observations above were vague and things I assume could be presumed of anyone. For example, if you’re willing to pay £30 to look into your future, you’re probably a spare bit of cash and money is something easy to be jealous of.

“But the last one was a little too close to home. I raised more than an eyebrow – I squinted at her in a what do you know way.

“I worked out last time that people go to these things because it makes them feel better or it gives them hope in a tough time. I still believe that, but now I am more suspicious than ever.”

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