‘I told my sister-in-law that her wedding wasn’t special – I just wanted to be honest’

A man fears they went too far after letting his new sister-in-law know their true feelings about her “perfect” wedding, which he blasted as “not that good or special”

Bride crying in bedroom (Stock Photo)
They feel they were just being honest, and don’t understand why they should apologise (Stock Photo)

It’s usually expected that you’ll be polite about a person’s wedding, whether or not you’ve actually had a good time.

However, one person recently tore up the guest etiquette rule book and then some, informing their “embarrassing” sister-in-law that her wedding was “not that good or special”.

The straight-talking guest says they became fed-up with their sister-in-law “bragging about how perfect her wedding was and how much fun she had” when they themselves didn’t have a good time.

Although the couple had fun with their pals at their K-Pop -themed wedding, this apparently wasn’t the case with family members from either side.

The poster did not enjoy the wedding, and let their feelings be known (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the unnamed individual expressed disappointment that the wedding didn’t include any traditions from the couple’s Balkans heritage but claims that the groom’s side of the family tried to make the best of things.

However, they claim the bride’s side of the family was “boring” and “snobbish”, acting as though they were too good to interact with anyone else.

The poster – who goes by the username u/WestImpossible6901 – explained that they became tired of their sister-in-law’s boasts, remarking, “anyone could hear that and think it was the event of the year.”

They continued: “I just couldn’t stand her making a fool of herself and I decided to be honest. And I told her ‘hey, since nobody’s going to be honest with you I will be. The wedding was not that good or special. It was different but not in a good way.

“Stop going around bragging about your successful wedding planning when both families dreaded every second of it. It’s embarrassing.'”

Unsurprisingly, their brother wasn’t impressed with this level of brutal honesty and demanded that his sibling apologise.

However, the poster doesn’t feel the need to apologise for airing what they simply regard as their honest thoughts.

They continued: “His wife then tried to defend her stance by saying how much fun she had, my brother had, and how her friends adored it and said it’s the best wedding they’ve attended.

“I told her that they should attend one of those K-Pop events then, not a wedding.”

However, the poster began to twig that they may have been a little too harsh after their mother called them out, telling them they should have kept quiet and spared the sister-in-law’s feelings.

Fellow Reddit users have also encouraged the poster to be more tactful going forward, with a number suggesting that their behaviour is in fact the only embarrassing thing about their story.

One person wrote: “They had the wedding they liked. And the other side of the family wasn’t ‘snobbish.’ Some families are simply quieter than others.

“They probably considered your family to be loud and pushy. Fun doesn’t have to be loud. Sometimes sitting and talking quietly is how people enjoy themselves.

“And it is always rude to say you didn’t like someone’s wedding. It’s a one-time thing, they can’t fix it, they don’t have to plan it to your tastes in weddings, and all you can do is ruin their memories of their special day.”

Another said: “Exactly what did you hope to achieve with that nastiness? And it was perfect. The couple loved it. They were married by the end of it. They also seem to have each other’s back. Sounds like a good wedding to me!”

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