‘I tested £26 Olaplex silver shampoo – it wasn’t what I expected’

A writer with bleach blonde hair recently tested out Olaplex silver shampoo, which retails at £26. The results weren’t exactly what she expected, and left her with “mixed” opinions

Bottle of Olaplex shampoo
The results were a bit of a mixed bag

Writer Emily Sleight usually uses Amika silver shampoo to keep the brassiness out of her bleach blonde hair, and admits it would take a lot for her to make the switch to another product.

However, for the purposes of a review, she’s recently tested out Olaplex’s recently launched silver shampoo, which retails at a pricey £26.

Writing in the Liverpool Echo , Emily remarked that she found the “rich dark purple colour” to be “a little unnerving at first”, but reasoned that plenty of silver shampoos have a similar shade.

The real disappointment came when she found that it didn’t lather up well in the shower at all, despite her squirting a sizeable dollop of shampoo into her hands.

Although the product certainly “smelt amazing”, Emily found that the lack of lather made it tricky to apply it evenly over her scalp, and feared it would end up looking “patchy”.

Emily found that the shampoo just didn’t lather up properly at all


Emily Sleight/ Liverpool ECHO)

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Emily wrote: “After attempting to get coverage all over my scalp, I noticed that the shampoo had clung on to the ends of my hair almost instantly. Towards the root, it just made my brassy roots look a darker brass, which was a shame.

“I told myself after drying my hair it might look better, which it did, but I still wasn’t overly impressed. The mid to ends of my hair were a nice grey/white colour, and my hair did look lifted, but it just wasn’t even.”

She notes that this unevenness could have been on account of the original toner in her hair, or because she’d mixed the shampoo with her usual Olaplex shampoo in an attempt to build up some lather.

However, if the hair product had lathered properly in the first instance, she of course wouldn’t have had this issue to contend with.

Emily felt she was left with an uneven look


Emily Sleight/ Liverpool ECHO)

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Overall, Emily was left with “mixed” opinions on this shampoo, which was “just too patchy” despite having left “a lovely colour on the ends of my hair”.

Emily, who awarded the product three out of a possible five stars, concluded: “I’m hoping after getting a more ashy toner at the hairdressers it will work more effectively, but for now, I’m not utterly convinced.

“For those who already have an ash tone to their hair, I do believe this product is a strong and powerful shampoo. But for those who have more of a creamy honey blonde tone like me, I’m not so sure”.

You can buy a bottle of Olaplex silver shampoo for yourself here.

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