‘I saved £27.44 on my weekly Tesco shop – just by using a Clubcard’

Manchester Evening News reporter Louisa Gregson has rolled up her sleeves and taken to Tesco to see how much she could save by using her Clubcard, and it turns out there are bargains to be had

A Tesco supermarket
A shopper saved £27 on their weekly shop by using a Clubcard in Tesco

With the cost of living crisis gripping the nation, many people will be keen to save a few quid on their weekly shop in an effort to reduce their outgoings.

It turns out there’s an easy way to save and the answer has been right in front of you this whole time, that is, if you have a Tesco Clubcard.

As the Manchester Evening News reports, journalist Louisa Gregson went to do a food shop but focussed entirely on Clubcard discounts at her local supermarket.

Amazingly, she managed to save a whopping £27.44 on her shop, worth £97.57, which is more than a quarter off the advertised price.

Lousia saved a whopping £27


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Louisa said: “Having and using a Tesco Clubcard in my opinion is well worth it. The discounts can be pretty substantial and are usually on decent products.

“My initial observation was just how many of the distinctive blue and yellow Clubcard deal signs there were – a veritable sea of them scattered down the gleaming aisles.

“As it was lunchtime, I was pleased to see the first Clubcard deal was a £3 lunch meal deal – a £3 Tesco Finest pastrami and Emmental sandwich, an 85p packet of Quavers and a £1.90 Starbucks iced coffee all included in the price – absolute bargain.

“In the fresh produce aisle, I picked up three bags of vegetables, including a decent sized bag of casserole veg on a three for two offer, where the cheapest is free – saving me £1.30.

Lousia definitely didn’t skip on the good stuff


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“Potatoes at 69p were 39p with a Clubcard, tomatoes had 40p shaved off and carrots were 20p cheaper – with an end price of just 19p. I also snapped up a bag of baking potatoes – great for cheap and easy meals.

“I then bagged an assortment of three premium cheeses all averaging at around £3 each at full price for just £5 for the three – an actual saving of £2.45 – meaning these were not mere pennies being sliced of the price, but pounds.

“Soup at £2.75 was £2 with a Clubcard, meaning if you are buying two tubs like I was, it’s another decent saving of £1.50. Jamie Oliver’s fresh pasta, usually priced at £2.50, was £2 with a Clubcard – meaning another £1 off my shopping as I put two packs (and what I estimated as making four meals) into my trolley for £4.

Turns out it’s worth having a Clubcard


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“In these difficult times, luxury items can leave shoppers feeling guilty but at £10 for a meal deal consisting of a main, side and dessert for two including a £7 bottle of wine, I dropped two steaks, chunky chips and two passion fruit tarts – along with a cheeky red – into my trolley without a rumbling of remorse.

“Good value for two – or for a solo diner the spoils can be divided into two separate meals, making the luxury also nicely economical.”

Further discounts included 50p off stir fry veg and a choice of sauce, £1.50 off a BBQ chicken pizza, 80p off a large quiche and 50p off two artisan brisket burgers.

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Louisa continued: “At the tills, the full price was £97.57, which I thought seemed a bit hefty with all the Clubcard savings until the cashier announced that minus the reductions the total owed was actually £70.13 – what a result.

“She obviously sensed my joy as she remarked she ‘loved to see smiling faces’ and we had a little conflab about how cracking the card really is.

“Actually taking my Clubcard with me, and only shopping for food that offered a discount if you had one, had saved me a hefty £27.44 off my shopping bill.”

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