‘I refuse to be bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding – she’s marrying my ex’

A woman, whose boyfriend cheated on her and left her for her sister, is refusing to be a bridesmaid at the wedding and has been branded as ‘selfish’ by the family

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She wants her to be a bridesmaid (stock photo)

Being cheated on can be immensely painful with a series of feelings, including anger, betrayal and pain, following the event.

And, if being cheated on wasn’t hurtful enough, imagine your own family member being the person you’re being left for.

That’s what happened to one woman on Reddit, and to insult to injury, her sister is now asking for her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding to the cheating ex-boyfriend.

The anonymous woman wrote: “I know the title sounds bad but here me out. I (24F) have a sister (28F) Lexi. Me and Lexi used to be really close and she was basically my best friend.

“However around 7 or 8 months ago I found out my boyfriend Jonah was cheating on me with her. And now they are getting married in August.”

The siblings hadn’t spoken since the poster discovered her boyfriend was being unfaithful, and she told her sister it was ‘messed up’ that she was even being asked to be a bridesmaid.

She’s marrying her ex (stock photo)


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Her sister had banked on her saying yes and the post continues: “She also told me that she had already bought the dress. Then said I would be letting her down and wasting the money she spent on the dress.

“I said to her that just because she bought me a dress doesn’t mean I have to be in her wedding. She started crying and telling me how I was being insensitive and holding a grudge against her. I tried to tell her that I was sorry but she didn’t listen and hung up. I did feel bad.”

As well as her sister being unsupportive about the situation, her parents were also disappointed in her for not burying the grudge and being there for her sister’s big day.

She explained: “Yesterday I went to my parent’s house for dinner. What I didn’t know is that Lexi had called them and told them what I said. So halfway through dinner, my mom says, ‘you know Lexi and Jonah are happy together and they deserve to have the wedding they want.’

“I looked up at her and said, ‘what?’ She says, ‘Lexi told me what happened and you should be her bridesmaids. It’s been so long since what happened you shouldn’t care anymore and Lexi deserved to be happy’.”

Explaining the seemingly obvious reason for why she did not want to attend, the poster added: “I looked at her and said, ‘She can be happy but Im not going to be in a wedding with my cheating ex boyfriend, and watch him marry my sister.’ They looked at me like I had slapped them across the face. My dad stood up and said, ‘You are selfish and you will be in that wedding or you can leave and don’t bother coming back.’

She left the dinner soon after and hasn’t spoken to her family since. However, she is now feeling conflicted about feeling both guilty and angry, and asked if she was wrong for saying no.

People responding to the post, which now has over 200 comments, have told her not to feel bad for her response and not wanting to attend the nuptials.

One said: “It may be hard to hear but you are better off without your parents and your sister in your life. They are all toxic.”

Another wrote: “So, here’s the deal. Just because she’s your sister, it doesn’t give her a free pass to cheat with your boyfriend. So she bought the dress. Her problem. She’s marrying a cheater so karma will likely come around. You are the wronged one here. It’s not even been a year.

“Don’t go to the wedding. You have done nothing wrong and you are not being selfish. You are allowed to feel as you do and if this is the attitude of your sister and parents, you are definitely better off without them. I suspect a baby may be involved.”

A third commented: “Takes a lot of nerve for anybody to even suggest you attend the wedding, let alone be in the bridal party. Yeah, they can have the wedding they want, but they can just have it without you..”

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