‘I made my husband choose between me or the dog – I’m at a total loss’

The 33-year-old woman wants her husband to choose between her or his dog after being bitten by the pit bull mix on four separate occasions – she doesn’t understand the dog’s sudden personality change

He adopted the pit bull mix from a rescue shelter when she was just 10-weeks-old
He adopted the pit bull mix from a rescue shelter when she was just 10 weeks old

Raising a dog isn’t always as easy as it’s made out to be – especially when their whole demeanour changes overnight.

A woman has told her husband to choose between her and his dog after the pit bull mix turned against her all of a sudden.

Explaining how she has been in the now nine-year-old dog’s life since she was just a puppy, the woman says she can no longer relax in her own home after being bitten on four separate occasions.

Venting to Reddit, she said: “She has bitten me four times in the past two months and I can’t live like this anymore.

“I asked him to make a decision because she is ultimately his dog but he’s refusing and claiming I’m a crazy psycho for making him choose”

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He called her ‘crazy’ for making him decide between the two


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Her 35-year-old husband adopted the dog, Riley, from a shelter after her pregnant mum was found roaming the streets.

At just 10-weeks-old, she started displaying stubborn behaviours, which the couple tried to train out of her with professional help.

“He’s been a decent dog owner and when I moved in and we got married, we’ve been working together on it,” she added.

“She’s not good with other dogs and people but with expensive training it’s been manageable.

“She definitely likes my husband more than me but we’ve been a happy family up until now.

“I’m her primary caregiver because I work from home and my husband doesn’t so I do all the walks, feeding, and play time – and have done for over four years, no problem.”

The dog has been attending training classes


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However, the dog has suddenly become overly protective of her male owner and will not allow the 33-year-old woman anywhere near him.

She said: “Last night she blocked me from entering the bedroom and lunged at me.

“I told my husband he needs to do something.

“We got into an argument and I gave him the ultimatum: the dog goes or I do. I can’t live in fear in my own home.

“I love Riley but how can I live like this?

“I know I shouldn’t have given him an ultimatum but so far he’s been playing down my injuries and blaming me for them.

“He refuses to see that I feel that my life is in danger and thinks I’m being over dramatic.”

That night, her husband slept downstairs with the dog before taking her to work the next day.

After arriving home, he was met with the same question – ‘which one of them is staying?’.

“I asked him what he plans on doing and he said it’s up to me,” she said.

“He said he and Riley are a package deal; I knew that when I married him so if I have a problem with that, I can leave. I’m at a total loss here.”

Turning to Reddit for advice, the woman has been asking users what she should do because her husband isn’t taking her seriously, she is now scared of the dog.

While most users slammed her husband for negating her issues with their dog, others urged her to speak to counsellors or a divorce lawyer.

One user said: “I am so sorry this is happening to you.

“It looks clear to me that your husband has already chosen the dog over you, again and again.

“Every incident he blames you. That would be a bigger red flag for the relationship than this dog, which I agree is a terrible situation.

“I think you just need to end it. Even if he ‘chooses’ you, this does not seem like a healthy relationship. Do you really think he won’t hold it against you if he gets rid of the dog?”

Another user added: “This is the fifth time he chooses the dog over you.

“How can the man who supposedly loves you blame you for being bitten by his pit bull mix?

“How could he just brush the ‘incidents’ off in the first place?

“You have the right to find peace in two places in life: your grave and your home. If you cannot find peace in your own home something is very wrong.”

Responding to the comments, the woman said: “I understand where you’re coming from and I do agree that it’s less about our dog and more about him choosing to ignore me.

“I just feel like throwing away a nine year relationship that is otherwise healthy seems crazy. We don’t have any other marital problems. Sure we’ve had arguments before but never like this.

“He’s never refused to see my side up until now and this one issue. I decided to stay at a hotel for now and will see if he will agree to speak to a marriage counsellor and some more trainers.”

A third user said: “Your husband rewarded the dog for aggressing you by sleeping with her on the couch? Rewarded her for biting you by taking her to work?

“I wonder where all this Riley aggression is coming from… big mystery I guess!”

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