‘I hate being a parent – if it was my choice I’d never see my daughter again’

A man took to Reddit to ask users for advice on his challenging relationship with his four-year-old daughter and how despite his efforts to like her, he can’t change the way he feels

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A dad has opened up about his struggles of being a parent and how he can’t stand to be around his daughter.

In a post on Reddit, the anonymous man, 31, explained that he has a daughter who is about to turn five.

“Unplanned child. Supportive families,” the post read. “Financially stable. Homeowners. Healthy relationship. Since had a vasectomy.”

He said from the day his daughter was born, he knew parenting wasn’t for him. And although he’s tried to enjoy having a daughter, he isn’t able to.

His little girl has a good life, has everything she needs and wants (without being spoiled) and only has a few rules to follow.

However, she “refuses” to listen to what he and her mother say, which causes a lot of friction.

He admits he finds it hard to be around his daughter


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“She is horrible to the both of us for no reason. Genuinely horrible,” the post read. “I can tell my partner doesn’t like being a parent either, she hasn’t directly said that but I know. I’ve told her I hate it, everything about it. Less freedom, less money, less social time with others and as a couple.”

He admitted that the stress of being a parent is “relentless” and that sometimes he “cannot stand” being around his daughter because of her “constant moaning, whining, needing, crying, and sass.”

While he says he and his wife are both “good parents” who would never take away her childhood or purposely upset her, he’s finding it difficult to be there for her as a dad.

“If it was my choice I’d never see her again. Harsh I know, possibly unforgivable,” the post read. “I would never leave or put her into care, I know how unfair that is, she isn’t doing this on purpose, she doesn’t know the pain she causes.”

He spoke fondly of his carefree life before having his daughter and how he missed the freedom he had.

“I hate being a parent,” the post read. “I’d do anything to have my old life back, the one where we had freedom, was happy and enjoyed waking up each morning and always looking forward to the next day.”

The man said he and his partner’s parents visit on occasion to watch their daughter so they can have time to themselves, but “it’s never enough.”

“I’ve tried a lot to change how I feel, I do not like feeling like this,” he went on. “I wish I wanted her by my side 24/7, I honestly do, this isn’t a nice feeling and I don’t want any sympathy.

“I don’t think I will ever enjoy being a parent, maybe when she grows into a nicer individual and starts to understand life more, a part of me knows it will get better. But I hate this.”

Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts on the situation, with many encouraging him to seek help to find ways to help him through these feelings.

One person said: “I grew up with a mother who didn’t like me and I felt it. I tried most of my life to get her approval, and nothing worked. It wasn’t until the last few years, in my twenties, that I stopped trying and had grown a lot emotionally.

“Kids can tell when you don’t like them, even if you’re trying to hide it and still trying to show them ‘love’, they can sense something is off and will react as a child will.”

Another wrote: “100% parenting is hard, and yes it sucks sometimes, even for those of us who love it, it still sucks and is hard.

“Therapy will help with dealing with the stress of doing something you dislike day in and day out. Therapy isn’t ‘I’ve got something seriously wrong with me, please fix it’, it’s more ‘hey I’m feeling this, you got any tips on how I can make things not feel like this?'”

“I feel bad for the kid feeling unwanted,” said a third.

Someone else said they experienced similar feelings when their son was behaving poorly.

They said: “At this age, I thought my son was bound to be the devil. I actually worried that I had been responsible for unleashing a monster on the planet.

“Now he’s seven, He’s the light of my life. He’s funny, kind and self-reflective. He just took longer to ‘get it.'”

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