‘I got a bag of charity shop toys for £17 – one of them is worth almost £300’

A woman recently spent £17 on a bag filled with cuddly toys from her local charity shop, and was “shocked” to learn that one of the teddies was worth three figures

Screenshot of Gem, taken from TikTok
Gem asked her followers to guess which of the bears was worth three figures

A woman with a keen interest in rehoming soft toys has come across a real treasure during her latest charity shop haul.

After filling a bag full of £17 worth of toys, Gem was left shocked after learning just how much one of the teddies actually cost.

Taking to TikTok, Gem – who has a keen interest in rehoming soft toys – asked her followers which one of the toys they thought was worth three figures.

The haul included a few assorted care bears, a snail plushy, and a Mickey Mouse teddy.

After many guesses, Gem revealed that the rare, blue Build A Bear Workshop Care Bears Grumpy was in fact the pricey plushy in question.

The eagle-eyed bargain hunter has since listed the teddy bear, which still has its tags on eBay, for the price of £299.99.

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Gem – who goes by the TikTok username @.plush.rush – wrote “I went to some charity shops this morning and picked up most of this bag from one shop. I thought they were worth it as small money makers but one of them shocked me!”

Explaining to wowed followers why this particular toy was worth so much, Gem explained: “I’m guessing he was one of the rarer ones out of the collection and Care Bears are highly collected so the ones that aren’t mass-produced go well”.

A number of impressed followers complimented Gem on her “great find”, with one amazed person remarking, “Guess what’s top of my list for charity shopping now. Wow!”

Care Bears are said to be “highly collected”


.plush.rush / TikTok)

Gem was “shocked” when she learned just how much the bears were going for


.plush.rush / TikTok)

In her eBay listing, Gem wrote: “Great condition! Been in storage so he smells a little ‘stored like’ so I will air him as much as possible before selling.

“I don’t want to spray him or wash him as he’s still tagged. He’s got the faintest of marks on his belly which I’ve tried to picture but it won’t pick it up”.

Other more affordable, and very cute, bears are available through Gem’s page, including a £12.99 Pokemon plushy, and a £14.99 WALL. E soft toy.

You can check out the rare Care Bear for yourself on Gem’s eBay page

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