‘I fired my maid-of-honour – she wanted to bring my ex as her wedding date’

A bride didn’t mind that her maid of honour was dating an old flame, but felt things had gone too far when she demanded he come along to the wedding as her date

Bride and bridesmaid (Stock Photo)
She “demanded” that he be invited along to the wedding (Stock Photo)

A bride has claimed she had no choice but to fire her maid-of-honour after she demanded her boyfriend come along to the wedding ceremony.

She appeared to see no issue with the fact that her boyfriend used to date the new bride back in their university days, and that she and her husband were understandably not too keen on having him there.

The bride told how she’d been best friends with the maid-of-honour for around four years before their dramatic fallout, but was disappointed by the lack of effort she made when it came to sorting out wedding plans.

After already having let her down when it came to finding vendors and other such duties, the maid-of-honour came forward with a somewhat awkward question.

She wanted her boyfriend at the ceremony, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, despite the bride and her husband having agreed that there would be no exes at the wedding.

The couple had agreed on a no exes policy for their wedding (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the bride clarified that she was totally fine with her pal dating an ex, but felt this was a step too far, especially given that her husband has never really liked the ex in a general sense.

She wrote: “Her response to both me and my husband saying no to her bf coming was, ‘Well. I’m going to have exes at my wedding.’ Cool story bro, but this isn’t your wedding.”

As the wedding drew closer, the friend grew even flakier, blowing her off yet again to go out drinking with other friends, and then again to hang out with her boyfriend. Enough was enough.

The poster – who goes by the username u/deadheadmayer – explained that, after being initially ignored, she finally managed to get through to the maid-of-honour, who made it clear that she wasn’t happy about her boyfriend not getting an invite.

She continued: “She said that she was explaining to him that my husband and I didn’t want him at the wedding and relayed to me that that made him feel ‘unwanted’ and ‘unappreciated’.

“Basically, I had had enough of their b******* and blocked the both of them. I said, ‘You know what…I’ve had enough. I’ve been patient and kind with both of you and I feel like you’re trying to take away mine (and my fiancé’s) day. This is the one day, the one and only day that we get’.

“All of this happened like two weeks before the wedding so I didn’t have a maid-of-honour but thankfully still had bridesmaids and they were all simply wonderful.”

The poster is now wondering whether or not she made the correct decision by removing “toxic people” from her life, and many of her fellow Reddit users completely understood why she did what she did.

One person wrote: “A best friend should help you or at least be interested in the festivities of dress shopping and the basics. You’re not asking her to be your wedding planner but to just be there for you.

“Your ex is unwelcome and he isn’t appreciated. It’s inappropriate for her to even suggest bringing him let alone be dating him. You’re better off without her and moving on.”

Another said: “You are never wrong to remove toxic people from your life. Go on and be happy!”

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