‘I didn’t buy Easter eggs for my stepchildren – now my husband is fuming’

A woman feels she’s being treated like a real-life “wicked stepmother” after she didn’t get her stepkids any Easter eggs, not thinking that this was her responsibility

Basket of Easter eggs (Stock Photo)
She now feels cast in the role of “wicked stepmother” (Stock Photo)

A stepmother has found herself in an awkward predicament this Easter Sunday, after she didn’t think to buy her stepkids any chocolate eggs.

After giving her three-year-old son his eggs, her husband turned around and quizzed her about where the eggs for her stepchildren were, wanting to have them ready for their arrival later on.

However, their visit was scheduled right at the very last minute, and had only been “briefly brushed by” the stepmum while she was in the midst of busily readying eggs for her son.

She doesn’t think it was her responsibility to sort out Easter for her 10-year-old stepdaughter and eight-year-old stepson, who are arriving later on today, but her husband doesn’t agree.

He became “indignant” after she revealed she hadn’t bought any, and she now feels cast in the role of “wicked stepmother”.

The stepchildren’s Easter visit was arranged right at the last minute (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Mumsnet, the fed-up stepmum wrote: “I told him I had not bought any, and when he got indignant I said it’s as simple as they’re not my children, they’re his.

“It’s not my fault he’s waited until Easter day when no shops are open. Not my responsibility, but as per usual, I’ve been cast as the wicked stepmother – happy Easter, hey?”

The poster, who goes by the username eggsbenedict82, is now wondering whether she’s been unreasonable about the situation, and has turned to her fellow Mumsnet users for advice.

Some users are divided on who exactly is at fault in this situation, with many noting that it completely depends on how far in advance she was made aware of the stepkids’ visit.

One person wrote: “If he had said ‘would you mind getting them some eggs whilst you were out’ that’s fine. But he just expects you to step in and be the default parent of his children and make sure you got them eggs”.

Another said: “If he knew you had been doing things to get ready for Easter, I think it’s fair for him to assume that you would have got eggs for all the children in your nuclear family instead of just your own.

“That said, he’s their parent so the ultimate responsibility is down to him.”

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