‘I despise my friend’s baby name choice and lied for her sake – it backfired on me’

Sometimes we lie to save the feelings of someone we love – however, a friend took it too far when they lied about liking their friend’s baby name but couldn’t keep their true feelings hidden

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The woman does not like the name her friend wants to use (Stock Image)

If your friend told you their favourite baby name and you didn’t like it – what would you do?

Some people would immediately come clean and admit they weren’t such a fan, but others would lie to their friend in order to spare their feelings.

One woman admitted that she’d lied to her friend and took to Mumsnet to ask for advice about what to do next.

She wrote: “Friend told me today she has chosen the name Susan for her baby. I don’t like it personally but automatically said ‘oh, that’s nice’.

“She’s just WhatsApp ed me asking if I really liked the name as she got the feeling that I didn’t (oops, I’m a s**t liar).

“Would I be unreasonable to admit that I don’t? Or should I carry on lying about it? (Which I can do easier via WhatsApp!)”

Her friend wanted to call her baby Susan (Stock Image)


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People were giving their advice to the woman regarding how she could reply openly and honestly so she didn’t hurt her friend’s feelings.

One said to say: “It’s not a name that I would choose, but it’s not my baby. If you love the name, use it.”

Others suggested a kinder approach, commenting: “Keep your honest opinion to yourself, she won’t thank you for it. While I agree it’s not a name I love, she clearly does love it.”

Some people went as far to say they love the name, writing: “It’s a great classic name. Susie, Suze, Sue all cool shortened versions. Every Susan I’ve ever known has been a fab person!”

“Don’t tell her you don’t like it, you’ll just upset your friend. Its a fairly “normal” name and not like she’s saddling a child with something really embarrassing”, another suggested.

One wrote: “You don’t tell her you don’t like her choice of name. It’s not your baby she’s naming, it’s hers. You say it’s a lovely classic name and you’re so excited that you’ll all soon be meeting her baby. That’s how a supportive friend behaves.”

What would you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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