Gordon Ramsay’s £27 roast brutally mocked over meat and ‘ashtray’ Yorkshire

If you went out for a roast dinner and the meat looked raw, you’d be pretty unimpressed wouldn’t you? Especially if it was at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant – people were not happy with the tweet

Gordon Ramsay looking frustrated
The roast in Gordon’s restaurant came under fire

After years on our TV screens, Gordon Ramsay is almost as well known for his temper as he is for his impressive cookery skills.

We’ve lost track of the amount of times we’ve watched him scream people’s faces as he tells them they’re not good enough – and who can forget the idiot sandwich meme that took over the internet in 2015.

But he’s now found himself in the firing line of the criticism, as people have taken to social media to mock a roast dinner served at one of his restaurants.

With a price tag of £27 for a 35 day dry-aged sirloin, roast potatoes, carrots and a Yorkshire pudding, you’d expect a perfect Sunday offering – but diners at his London Bread Street Kitchen and Bar were less than impressed.

People were horrified to see that the meat looked raw, however, and people were questioning how it had actually been cooked.

One claimed it was “cooked on a south facing windowsill” with another quipping “before 7am”.

People were questioning whether the meat was actually cooked or not

Someone even complained about the amount of gravy

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One social media used joked: “Reminds me of a steak I had in Benidorm once – left out in the sun for ten minutes and served!”

Another added: “Did you cook that beef or wave it under a light bulb?”

The Hell’s Kitchen chef tweeted out a video of gravy being poured over the meal, saying: “Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a roast!”

Someone asked Gordon: “Why are you pouring gravy on that live cow?” in response to the video.

Of course, how people like their meat cooked is completely personal and many people asked for it to be served very pink.

What do you think of the meal? Have your say in the comment section below.

While some weren’t impressed, many took to the comment section to say it looked absolutely delicious.

But that didn’t stop the critics, with someone else asking was Gordon impacted by the cost of living crisis, asking: “Saving on the energy bill?”

“A good vet could bring that back to life”, someone sassed.

The meat wasn’t the only part of the meal criticised, with the Roasties and Yorkshire pudding also coming under fire.

Someone wrote: “I’m sure I can see a pulse in that meat. Plus those roasties need an extra half hour.”Another laughed: “The yorkie looks like an ashtray I made my dad at school.”

People were also joking about the fact the tweet was sent at 9.15 in the morning.

“A bit early?”, someone asked, with another social media user writing: “Not at 9:15 in the fu##in morning Gordon lol.”

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