‘Getting weird’: Toronto man puts up billboard to trade cheese string

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As they say — that’s a lot of cheese.

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Toronto’s Angel Domingo, 48, spent some serious coin to put up a large billboard at Yonge and Dundas Sts. for two weeks offering to trade a piece of Black Diamond cheese string in it plastic packaging.

“If my wife finds out how much I put into this, she’s going to kill me,” Domingo told The Sun on Friday morning, unwilling to say what it cost him.

Domingo said the billboard went up late on the night of Aug. 1 and his wife, who is a bookworm and doesn’t like computers, still doesn’t know.

“Accepting trades for one Cheesestring. Marble flavour. Still in original packaging. No lowballs. I know what I have,” reads the ad.

Domingo lost count after 200 trade offers but among his favourites are a box of Lucky Charms cereal — “only the marshmallows” — and landscaping his front yard, the latter offer coming in Friday morning.

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“I was really thinking about (the landscaping),” said Domingo. “I feel like my wife would be pretty happy if she came home and she had a new yard.”

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Domingo said he had about 275 missed calls on his phone, including some from international numbers, but he has only himself to blame.

“I just asked for the biggest (billboard) they had,” he admitted.

“It’s getting pretty weird. After this (trade), I might just turn my phone off and throw it in the lake. There’s definitely a little bit of regret in what I’ve done here because I keep getting these calls and I’ve got to tell my wife that it’s nothing even though it’s clearly something.”

Domingo made the cheese string discovery in the fridge of his new Toronto home.

“It was just sitting there,” said Domingo. “I said to myself, ‘Everything happens for a reason. There’s got to be a reason why this is here. And it can’t be by coincidence.’ So I figured I’d see what I can do with it. I trade stuff all the time online. I’ve been trading for about 24-25 years.”

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But when trading ads on Kjiji and Craigslist went nowhere in mid-July, Domingo thought go big or go home.

“I just wanted to see what would happen and here we are,” he said.

The more unusual trade offers included someone’s daughter’s yogurt and someone’s girlfriend.

“Hopefully she won’t be his girlfriend for that much longer,” said Domingo.

And if he doesn’t get a trade offer he likes?

“I might eat it at this point,” he said. “The thing is I don’t really even eat dairy that much. I used to love cheese and now I can’t. As you get older you have to really watch what you eat.”

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