Foodie’s ‘brilliant’ hack to get perfect bacon every time – it’s healthier too

A foodie has taken to TikTok to share their top tips on cooking bacon, and it’s an absolute game changer as it will leave you with perfectly crispy bacon every time

A bacon sandwich
Who doesn’t love a bacon sandwich?

A foodie has shared a ‘brilliant’ hack to get perfect bacon every time – and not only does it look easy, but it’s healthier too.

Right Guys Review is a popular TikTok page where the boffins share their top tips for home cooking, and they’ve turned their attention to a breakfast classic – bacon.

In the short video, they inserted a wooden skewer through the end of the bacon and placed several pieces on the same skewer, and then they place it in the oven.

This way, as the bacon cooks, the fat drops off the meat and onto a baking tray below – leaving crispy and delicious bacon that isn’t dripping with fat.

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After sharing the trick on TikTok, Right Guys Review were soon inundated with comments from fans – with many people saying they’d be giving it a go.

One said: “I’ll try this next time hahaha.”

Then a second wrote: “Nice idea.”

And another commented: “Brilliant, gonna try that mate – looks good.”

Meanwhile, you probably think frying an egg is easy, right? Just stick it in a frying pan for a few minutes and job done.

But apparently, there’s a crucial mistake that many of us make every time we go to rustle up a few eggs for our Sunday morning fry up which could be preventing us from nailing that perfect crisp around the outside of the egg.

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According to various chefs, the trick most of us miss is in the amount of oil we use when cracking our eggs into the pan, as not using enough is likely costing us dearly in the end result.

If silky and smooth eggs are more you’re style, you’re probably not free from making mistakes either – as chefs have also claimed there are tricks to getting the perfect soft fried egg too.

So however you like your eggs in the morning, here’s how to nail them every time.

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