Fans defend make-up guru who was branded a catfish after extreme ‘glow up’

TikTok user Anastasia has been compared to Margot Robbie and described as a real-life Barbie, and she’s amassed millions of followers by sharing her incredible make-up skills

TikTok user Anastasia
TikTok user Anastasia has been defended by her fans after cruel trolls branded her a catfish

A woman has been defended by her fans after cruel trolls branded her a catfish – as she changed her appearance so dramatically with her incredible make-up skills.

Some have compared Anastasia to Margot Robbie and others said she looks like a real-life Barbie, and she’s amassed over 30 million likes on TikTok by sharing her incredible tips.

In one clip, she begins barefaced with messy hair and wears a white top, and by the end of the clip she looks completely unrecognisable.

In the caption, Anastasia, who uploads under the username @anastasile, wrote ”no one expected this”, and many of her followers were left in awe and commented their opinion on the video.

Anastasia has been praised for her natural beauty



She’s pretty handy with makeup too



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One fan said: “You’re so talented! It’s crazy how you basically transform into different people.”

And another wrote: “You shine more than the Sun!”

Then a third added: “I love you! You’re the best!”

“OK,” commented another user. “I am so impressed.”

And another said: “So pretty!”

Then another simply wrote: “You slay every look.”

In other clips, Anastasia was praised for her natural look but some called her a catfish, and soon one fan rushed to her defence.

They wrote: “All the people saying she’s lying or catfishing, and looking older than she is y’all are – one, bitter you don’t look as good as her without makeup when you have it on. Two, if it makes her feel more confident why do you need to hate on her and leave ugly comments when it literally isn’t your face?”

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Meanwhile, a woman who shares her impressive make-up videos on social media has hit out at vicious trolls who call her a “catfish” for using beauty products to transform her look.

Charlotte Rough, 18, has seen several of her TikTok videos go viral with millions of views between them, and while the majority of the comments she receives are positive, there are also often messages left by people who criticise the way she looks before putting on make-up.

The woman, from Scotland, says the comments are “very harmful” as they perpetuate the idea that she can never look as good without make-up on as she does with it.

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