Eight-year-old girl becomes best friends with a sheep after nursing it back to health

Lacie Pattinson, 8, helped nurse Lucky the sheep back to health after finding her ‘close to death’ when she was rejected by her mum – and now the pair are best friends

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Young girl becomes friends with sheep after nursing it back to life

An eight-year-old girl has struck up an inseparable bond with a sheep after she helped nurse it back to health when it was rejected by its mum as a lamb.

Lacie Pattinson from Brough, Cumbria, found Lucky the sheep “close to death” as a lamb, and took her home to help bring her back from the brink with “cuddles” – forging a friendship in the process.

The schoolgirl’s mum Hayley Pattinson, 37, says Lacie is now best friends with Lucky and even threw the sheep a party to celebrate her first birthday.

Hayley explained: “Lacie’s grandfather keeps around 50 sheep, and last spring, during the lockdown, she attached herself to Lucky.

Lacie and Lucky sharing a hug in a field


Caters News Agency)

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“We found Lucky after her mum had given birth to her behind a water trough. She had been rejected by her mother and was almost dead when we came across her.

“Lacie put her in a box, brought her home with us and placed her in front of the fire.

“It didn’t take long for Lucky to come back around and Lacie nursed her back to health. That’s how she got her name. She bottle-fed Lucky and kept her warm by wrapping her in blankets in the house and giving her lots of cuddles.

“Lacie tells people that the reason Lucky survived was because of how much she loves her. It’s so special to see their relationship and you can just tell they’re going to be friends for life. We have to take Lacie down to visit Lucky every day. She’s even recently thrown a birthday party for Lucky’s first birthday.”

Lacie with Lucky as a lamb


Caters News Agency)

Lacie at Lucky’s birthday party


Caters News Agency)

The little girl took her best friend a present, a balloon, and a birthday card to celebrate her special day – and even sang the sheep Happy Birthday.

And what’s more, Lacie also took some digestive biscuits and an extra helping of feed to spoil the special sheep.

Hayley added: “As soon as Lucky hears us coming, she runs over to the gate to be ready to meet Lacie. Lucky loves Lacie just as much as Lacie loves her pet sheep. They’re both so fortunate to have each other.

“I think Lucky helped Lacie get through the lockdown. We live in such a rural area that we don’t see too many people as it is, and it was even worse during the lockdown.

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“They formed such a lovely friendship. They run to each other as soon as they catch a glimpse of each other.”

And Lucky seems to be just as thrilled with her friendship, as the sheep always “snuggles in” when Lacie gives her a cuddle.

Hayley said: “Lucky is definitely tamer because of her friendship with Lacie. She snuggles in when Lacie cuddles her, she licks and kisses her and even nibbles her ear, which Lacie finds hilarious.

“After we first found Lucky, I didn’t expect her to make it. But we are so happy she did because of the amazing relationship she’s got with Lacie.”

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