DIY-savvy mum builds ‘privacy wall’ in garden to give herself space from neighbours

A DIY-savvy mum who shares her garden with her neighbours has built her own ‘privacy wall’ around her patio to give herself some space – and people online love it

The mum built her fence from scratch

A mum who shares her garden with her neighbours has come up with a genius way of creating some much-needed privacy on her patio.

The mum shared a video on TikTok in which she revealed she was building a DIY “privacy wall” in her garden that would give both her and her neighbours some space in their shared outdoor area without the need for a full fence.

And the mum also put together a gorgeous patio area with benches and a table made out of pallets, which featured backrests that would double as windbreakers during breezier summer days.

In her first video, the mum could be seen putting up her privacy wall – which was made out of thin strips of wood to form a fence-like structure with small gaps between – and painting it with teak oil to protect it against UV rays and water marks.

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The woman, who posts under the username @homebyandra, then followed up with a second video that showed off her completely finished patio area, complete with comfy cushions, blankets, and a rug.

And people can’t get enough of the mum’s savvy outdoor space, as her video was inundated with comments from people saying they loved what she’d done with her patio.

One person said: “What a wonderful use for the space, ideal for when the nights get warmer, imagine chilling with a glass of wine.”

While another added: “That’s so nice. I would love to do that for my back garden.”

She put it together herself for £150



The mum created her own private patio area



The mum, who rents her property, used a five-pack of c16 treated timber 2×3 to make the wall and drilled them into the patio vertically to create the height of the wall.

Next, she began to drill treated timber softwood carcassing 1×2 slates horizontally across the taller ones to create a slated effect wall, which she then covered in teak oil.

In total, the project set the mum back by £150 – which is a bargain compared to the cost of a fence.

And people were thrilled to hear how cheap the privacy wall was to complete, as one person said: “About to move where the fence is only 4ft between houses. was looking for privacy ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.”

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