Dentist warns cavities can be contagious, spread through kissing

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Careful with who you are kissing.

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A Houston dentist says cavities can be contagious and can be spread through kissing.

Dr. Tasneem Mahmood talked about it on TikTok last month.

She filmed herself and said: “Thinking about the kiss that I gave my husband even though he has cavities.”

“And that’s on cavities being contagious,” she said.

Mahmood told people not to stop kissing, just to make sure they floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash after.

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Previous studies have reinforced Mahmood’s claims.

A 1993 study of married couples found cavities, which are primarily caused by bacteria that clings to teeth creating acid that destroys those teeth. That’s why good oral hygiene is the best way to ward off cavities by killing the bacteria.

The bacteria can also be spread through sharing toothbrushes and straws.

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