Deliveroo driver shares truth about ‘annoying’ customers and long waits

Deliveroo driver Caroline Austen has taken to TikTok to share the truth about what it’s like working for the company, adding that some customers can be annoying

Caroline Austen
Deliveroo driver Caroline has shared what it’s like working for the company

A Deliveroo driver has spoken out about what it’s like working for the company – saying that some customers can be annoying.

Caroline Austen took to TikTok to share her insight with other social media users and she’s lifted the lid on what it’s like behind the scenes.

She said that ‘lazy’ customers can be annoying and added that most of her job is waiting for orders to come in, but she still enjoys it.

Caroline said that on a good night she could make a fair amount of money, and often customers will tip which boosts her income.

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Taking to TikTok, where she uploads as @caroline_austen, Caroline gave a rundown on one night in her job as a Deliveroo driver.

She made several trips to Co-op, a Zizzi’s restaurant, and a local Italian takeaway.

She said that one order was annoying as the customer lived just ‘a minute’ away, and with another order she embarrassed herself in front of a ‘fit’ man.

Caroline went on to say how between orders she did a lot of ‘waiting’, and said ‘you do a lot of that, but eventually you get orders’.

A follower asked how much money Caroline made on her shift, and she replied: “About £36, including tips and a fee boost.”

She then went on to explain how £6 of her earnings were tips.

Meanwhile, a bus driver has shared little-known rules about public transport – including why you can’t get on after the doors close.

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Stephen took to TikTok to share his insight on what it’s like working on buses, saying he was sick of people blaming him when things don’t go their way.

He said there were rules he had to follow – and one in particular related to the doors, as Stephen said he wasn’t allowed to open them again once they had been closed.

Stephen, who drives buses in Glasgow, Scotland, said that the bus operators face a fine if they open the doors after ‘servicing’ a stop, and he could get in big trouble with his employer if he reopened them.

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