Crisp-lover left jumping through hoops as multipack contains Aldi imposter

The man shared a photo after their multipack of Hula Hoops happened to contain a pack of Aldi’s Snackrite imitations, sparking an internet investigation into what happened

There was an Aldi imposter in the crisp multipack

An man took to Reddit to show the moment they realised their multipack of Hula Hoops contained an Aldi imposter – Snackrite ‘Hoops.’

The mix-up obviously left them baffled that the crisps may be from the same suppliers, leaving questions about whether the snacks are actually the same.

The confused consumer wrote: “My entire worldview is now hanging on by a thread.”

The crisps were bought at Sainsbury’s, and people were urging the original poster to try and get as much compensation as they could from each party involved.

Someone commented: “Step 1: Complain to Hula Hoops about the mistake, and receive a free voucher.

“Step 2: Complain to Aldi about how a packet of their Hula Hoops got into the multipack, and receive a free voucher.

“Step 3: Complain to Sainsbury’s, where you actually got the multipack from, and receive a free voucher.

“Step 4: Buy a bag to put all the Hula Hoops in!”

The Aldi crisps were present in a Hula Hoop multipack

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To that someone responded: “Step 3.5: Buy a wallet to put all your vouchers in.”

Many saw the funny side of the mix up, with one person writing: “Whoever you complain to, I hope they’ll be willing to jump through hoops to make this right.”

Someone responded saying: “I think even though they’re made in the same factory, that doesn’t mean that they’re exactly the same. They can probably make different recipes in the same factory.”

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “We’re unable to comment on individual supplier relationships, but Aldi does share suppliers with other brands.”

The plot thickens…

Another poster continued to stir the pot as they wrote: “I deliver filters for my job and I’ve been to various factories that make food. It’s all the same place that make for the same supermarkets.

“Without mentioning names, I’ve been to a chocolate biscuit factory that supplies all the supermarkets. A dog food factory that supplies a variety of dog food brands. And a ready meal factory which supplies for the big 4.

“My 25 pound sunglasses are made in the exact same factory as Burberry Armani and Oakley’s.”

Someone agreed and said: “As a student I worked a summer job in a factory that manufactured detergents for different brands.

“Most of them used exactly the same liquid for the respective products, just in different packaging (which obviously means different markups for the consumer).”

A spokesperson for KP Snacks, which make Hula Hoops, said: “KP Snacks does make products for Aldi at the same site as its own Hula Hoops brand, although the products are made to different formulations.

“This looks like an unfortunate error at the packaging stage. We would encourage the consumer to get in touch with our Consumer Care team at so we can investigate.”

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