Cleaning fans share 60p trick to remove limescale and leave toilet looking good as new

Trying to remove limescale from a toilet can seem like an impossible chore – but Mrs Hinch fans have revealed their 60p trick for lifting it off without leaving scratch marks behind

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There’s a simple way to clean the toilet (stock photo)

Mrs Hinch fans have shared their low-cost solution to removing stubborn limescale from the toilet – and it costs as little as 60p.

Cleaning enthusiasts rushed to help one frustrated woman who admitted they had tried everything from Coke to toilet cleaner to get rid of limescale in their toilet bowl with little success.

The social media post was flooded with comments from Mrs Hinch supporters, sharing their top tips on getting toilets looking as good as new – and it turns out you just need one household item to do this.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 32, has long been a fan favourite, with close to 4.5million followers on Instagram.

Getting rid of limescale can be tricky (stock photo)


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The star rose to fame a few years ago as a result of her home-cleaning hacks and now her admirers have even started dedicated cleaning pages on social media where they share their own tips.

In one such group, Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips and tricks on Facebook, a member sought advice writing: “How do I get rid of limescale out of the toilet bowl? I’ve use coke for three days, every limescale toilet cleaner.

“I tried chipping away at it with a knife but it’s scratching the bowl. But it looks so bad, I don’t think it’s ever been cleaned. Just moved in and need help.”

The post was inundated with replies from fellow cleaning fanatics – with many suggesting the user buy a pumice stone.

One user suggested: “The only thing that worked for me was a pumice stone on a stick. The limescale came away like a stone…then binned it (couldn’t be flushed). Bought the pumice stone from Amazon.”

A pumice stone can get rid of toilet limescale without leaving a scratch (stock photo)


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Another user advised: “A pumice stone really does work, tried everything to get urinals/toilets scale-free. I got mine from Amazon – ones that also have a handle which is great.”

A third commented: “I did my son’s in his house that he had just moved into. I used a cheap pumice stone from Home Bargains or B&M and rubber gloves.

“I then started to rub the stone inside where the limescale and water is and it was really bad. When I finished it, it looked like a new toilet and no it didn’t scratch the bowl. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed.”

“Doesn’t scratch and got rid of thick limescale in our old toilet,” wrote a fourth user.

Another fan explained how using a two pence coin would scratch away limescale without leaving marks on the toilet bowl.

Pumice stones can currently be purchased from Wilko for just 60p.

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