Christian pastor claims the end of the world is coming in rambling sermon

Pastor Thomas Hughes claims economies across the world are being deliberately destroyed and has encouraged his followers to be prepared for a reunion with God

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Christian pastor discusses food and energy prices

A Christian pastor believes that the cost of living crisis is a sign that the world is about to end – and that God is about reunited with his followers.

Pastor Thomas Hughes claims the economic issues gripping the world are no mistake and are being deliberately destroyed for a greater purpose, as the Daily Star reports.

He shares his views with his followers on YouTube, and his most recent video had more than 36,000 views.

He said that people should ‘prepare or get crushed’ and that soon believers will be called up to ‘meet the Lord in the air’.

Pastor Thomas Hughes thinks the world could be coming to an end

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In the clip, he said: “The controlled demolition of food and energy infrastructure is now underway, prepare or get crushed.

“I think that’s strong advice and good advice. You know, people are upset over hearing words coming from Mike Adams or myself, or some of my other friends and colleagues saying, ‘Hey, you better get ready for what’s coming.’

“Listen, we don’t know the day or the hour when we’re going to be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

“And I believe if we are not caught up real soon, then you better be prepared for what’s coming.”

Later in the video, he added: “It all adds up to the control demolition of food and fuel infrastructure for the deliberate purpose of causing global famine, poverty, chaos, and death.

“You might not like those words, but I have been saying the same thing. I believe what’s coming as manufactured, whether it’s manufactured or real.

“Here’s the reality of it. The stores are going to be short on food and people are going to be suffering and you better be prepared.”

The news comes as three quarters of families will see the cost-of-living outstrip their incomes by the autumn, analysts warned tonight.

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Some 21 million households will be clobbered by the living standards hammer blow as inflation rockets, experts revealed.

Research from the New Economics Foundation says the worst-off will be the hardest hit, with costs surging 90% faster than incomes for the poorest quarter of households.

The think tank fears 9.9 million households will fall below the “minimum income standard” measure of the cost of living by October when the energy price cap is due to soar by an estimated £1,000.

In April last year, 8.9 million households could not afford the cost of living, according to the NEF.

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