Brides marry wrong grooms during blackout in India

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There are blackouts at weddings caused by too much drinking, and then there’s this kind of blackout.

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Two sisters in India accidentally married the wrong grooms when a power outage caused a blackout in the middle of their joint wedding, reported

When the power went out during the nuptials, in the village of Aslana, in Madhya Pradesh state, the priest conducting the ceremony continued but got confused about who was marrying whom.

The brides’ father, Ramesh Lal, said the confusion maybe came as both women wore red dresses with veils over their faces, while Indian men also traditionally wear a veil of flowers during weddings.

The mistake was later corrected.

Demand for power has surged along with soaring temperatures in India. Northern India temperatures have spiked to 47C, but cooler weather is expected when the monsoons arrive later this month.

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