Bride’s fury as wedding guest drops out at the last minute – after welcoming a baby

A bride has been left fuming after a wedding guest told her they wouldn’t be attending just three days before the ceremony – because she had recently given birth

An upset bride
The bride was frustrated with her wedding guest (stock photo)

Planning a wedding is no easy task, and when coming up with a guest list in advance of the date itself, it can be tough to make sure everyone keeps their diary free.

But one bride has been left fuming after one of her friends dropped out of her wedding just three days before the ceremony was due to take place – because she’d welcomed a baby a few weeks prior.

The bride claimed she was perfectly okay with the woman and her fiancé not attending the wedding because of their new arrival, but because they hadn’t communicated it to her sooner, she had assumed they were still coming and had gone ahead and paid for their food.

The new mum and her partner then only decided to say they weren’t coming a few days before the event when the bride reached out to double check everything was going as planned.

The guests had recently welcomed a baby (stock photo)


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In her post on Mumsnet, she fumed: “I got married last month and this has been bothering me.

“One friend and his fiancé RSVP’d yes – she was due to give birth 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding and the baby was invited, but he said they’d see how they feel about bringing the baby. I said when they confirmed attendance, obviously, if things change after the baby arrives please don’t worry.

“Baby born, all is well, lots of Instagram posts of them out with the baby on walks, restaurants etc. They don’t mention the wedding so I assume they are coming. Three days before I check in to see if the baby is joining, and my friend replies that actually it’s too much for them now and they can’t make it.

“Am I being unreasonable to think this was rude to let us know so last minute and only because I followed up? I wonder if I had not checked in, would they have just not turned up and their places all set out but empty. They were on the seating plan and we’d paid for their food. We never received a card.

“They are getting married in November, overseas and I really can’t be a***d to go now. Is it just that when you have a baby, everything/one seems trivial?”

Commenters on the post were split, as some people agreed that the couple were “rude” for not contacting the bride sooner, but others said she should be more understanding of the immense pressure new parents face.

One person said: “Yes totally rude. Having a baby isn’t an excuse not to even communicate about something so important. I wouldn’t bother with their wedding either.”

While another added: “They are rude as f**k. I’d only go to their wedding if I fancied a holiday to that particular place with that particular gang of guests.”

But someone else disagreed, stating: “Instagram doesn’t really show the bone crushing tiredness of a young baby. Is it far for them to travel? The baby might hate the car. Maybe they forgot.”

“Any chance they just completely forgot? I forgot about my OWN wedding 7 weeks after my baby was born until my friend reminded me”, a fourth wrote.

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