Boss blasted for ‘terrible’ letter banning staff from eating at work

A worker has shared a ‘terrible’ note their boss struck up at work, as it banned people from eating and encouraged members of staff to ‘snitch’ on each other for cash

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The note banned people from eating at work

A worker has shared a letter their boss posted at work – and now people have been left divided by the ‘terrible’ note.

The document in question was put up in a workplace and it informed staff that eating on the job was now prohibited.

But to enforce the rule, the employer had offered to pay £16 ($20) to anyone who caught a co-worker in the act.

One worker was deeply worried by the letter and shared an image of it on Reddit, and soon people began commenting in disgust.

The worker thought the note encouraged people to ‘snitch’ on each other



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The letter reads: “Warning! All employees must not eat during work hours! Receive a $20 reward if you catch an employee eating during work hours!

“Employees with three warnings will be laid off with no exceptions.”

The worker who shared the image seemed worried about the atmosphere the letter would create, as they thought it encouraged ‘snitches’.

Soon, people began commenting on the post and said the note would prove troublesome.

One said: “Even from a purely business-minded standpoint, ignoring how s****y of a way to treat people this is, this is a terrible idea.”

Then another wrote: “They should all snitch on each other, get the $20, go out for drinks.”

And a third commented: “Everyone should band together and repeatedly report the manager.”

“Try that one with a diabetic employee and brace for impact,” added a fourth. “The lawsuit won’t be pretty, but it will set the employee up for a nice payout.”

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Meanwhile, the boss of a vegan bakery has come forward to apologise after a note placed on the door of the premises went viral and was branded “messed up “.

The note in question urged workers at Red Plate Foods in Oregon to “always clock out when passing this door”, with the word “always” underlined for emphasis.

Illustrating the point further, the note goes on to detail the sort of instances this may include, listing: “bathroom breaks, 10-minute shift breaks, lunch breaks, questions regarding personal requests.”

Employees are instructed to see the floor manager on duty regarding any queries about production and told in no uncertain terms that this shouldn’t require them to leave the production area.

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