Bargain 29p hack will stop your high heels rubbing so you don’t need ugly plasters

Honestly, the amount of hacks we’ve tried to try and stop the pain of heels, when all along we could’ve been putting this product on our feet which is so cheap it’s practically free

Look familiar?

We’ve all been there. You buy a gorgeous pair of new heels but within five minutes you realise they are the most painful things that have ever been created.

Whether it’s your foot flapping about in the heel causing them to rub, or the front strap is a little too tight on the instep, it’s a nightmare.

It especially adds insult to injury if you’ve spent a small fortune on them – why are the prettiest shoes always the most uncomfortable?

But, there is a cheap and simple hack you can try which may save those beautiful things from gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe – and it involves your roll-on deodorant. Who’d have thought it?!

Roll-on deodrant could be the cure for your heel woes

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Rachel Clinkard, from family-run shoe retailer Charles Clinkard, shared her hack and it could be able to completely change your wedding season.

She claims all you need to do is roll the deodorant onto the areas of your feet which you think will rub, and it’ll create a barrier between your skin and the shoe that will help to prevent that horrible heel chafing.

She says the quick hack will allow you to dance the night away without even giving your feet a second thought – and isn’t that just the dream?

And when you can nab roll-on deodorant for just 29p from some retailers, it works out at less than a penny per application. You could even have a separate deodorant which you keep just for your precious feet.

It certainly looks a lot better than covering your feet in blister plasters, right? And it feels better too, without making your feet slip and slide in the heels.

Others have taken to social media to share their high heel hacks, because let’s be honest, we need all the help we can get.

One wrote: “If they’re close toed and tight, I soak some socks with alcohol and stuff the shoe, for the sides. I run a blow dryer on the inside for the toe or back heel part. They have all sorts of padded/gel inserts for heels. You can also tape your toes or rub deodorant on your feet!”

“I carry a tiny deodorant stick with me to reapply and it greases your feet and makes heels so much easier. Also hydrocolloid blister bandages”, someone else suggested.

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